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Published on October 09, 2020
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The power of floral gifts

Flowers are one of American’s favorite gifts. Receiving a blooming bouquet during a time of celebration or significance can leave a lasting impression on the recipient. While receiving flowers easily makes someone’s day, delivering them can be a logistical nightmare. Flowers must be handled with care, delivered at their peak of beauty, and due to their untraditional size and shape, are traditionally expensive to move.

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IBIS World reported “the market size, measured by revenue, of the Online Flower Shops industry is $5.3BN in 2020 [...] The market size of the Online Flower Shops industry in the US has grown 10.1% per year on average between 2015 and 2020.”

In terms of looking ahead, 1-800 Flowers Founder Jim McCann has said “It’s become part of our DNA to look at what’s next.” The business started as a single brick-and-mortar store in New York City and has since grown into a multi-brand gift retailer worth more than $1 billion in annual revenue. 1-800 Flowers has consistently adapted to consumer needs by relying on flexible, modern, and leading-edge technology providers.

A fresh approach to tech

When entering a partnership with 1-800-Flowers, our goal was to give them unparalleled speed, flexibility, and scale. Priorities for 1-800 Flowers include the ability to manage thousands of distribution centers, generate labels with dozens of carriers, and ensure that service level agreements (SLA) are met. EasyPost’s API allows 1-800 Flowers to consolidate all their shipping operations under one software. This saves them thousands of hours and millions of dollars in development overhead and shipping costs.

FedEx FUSE for 1-800 Flowers

Carrier APIs are slow, tech-backward, and can cause massive lag at the label generation state. EasyPost differentiates ourselves from the competition with our robust technical integrations. We have agreements in place with major carriers that allow us to generate labels on their behalf, natively. We are not subjected to their response time, and therefore our users can confidently rely on our API to generate labels even when a carrier API is down.

Our FedEx Fuse integration allows us to generate, edit, and customize labels in real-time whether the FedEx API is up and running or scheduled for downtime; this is the beauty of the EasyPost Shipping API integration. We allow 1-800 Flowers to generate labels when they need to without delays and a proven uptime of 99.99%.

More flexibility: dimension updated, manual manifesting

1-800 Flowers needed a platform to significantly increase its label throughput. As industry experts, EasyPost understands the complexities and nuances of shipping technology and wants to provide stellar support at enterprise scale.

The 1-800 Flowers group of brands use thousands of distribution centers (DC) across the US to fulfill orders. These DCs need to have a shipping label generated during the pick-and-pack process. However, due to the nature of their products, the box is dimensionalized after the label is generated. EasyPost’s FedEx FUSE integration allows 1-800 Flowers to make changes to the billing and operations manifest in real-time, ensuring that FedEx is provided with accurate parcel information and does not overcharge 1-800 Flowers.

Supporting enterprise growth

1-800 Flowers leverages our robust delivery network to support unparalleled delivery flexibility across their brands and locations. They generate labels at an unprecedented speed, utilize ship-from-store and same- and next-day delivery, and ensure their postage paid is accurate through the FedEx Fuse Dim Updater.

If your revenue is primarily dependent on gift-giving, you must be able to support flexible deliveries, while reducing engineering overhead and ensuring deliverability. EasyPost is here to help.

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We’ve built incredible partnerships with businesses of all sizes and delivery providers across the world. EasyPost offers world-class shipping technology, and whether the issue is a market expansion or an API function, we support growth. Please contact if you are interested in a fast, flexible, reliable shipping API.

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