Code&Quill Case Study: No-Frills Fulfillment

Published on August 30, 2017
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Fact Sheet

The Background

Code&Quill is all about capturing genius. When inspiration strikes, a creative professional’s best friends are a notebook and a pen. What makes Code&Quill’s different from other leather-bound notebooks isn’t just its outwardly beautiful design, it’s also the pages you write or sketch on. Customers have a choice between classic indentation-rule sheets (perfect for writers and students) and dot-grid sheets (useful for designers and developers). No matter how your ideas manifest, you can find a notebook best suited to capture them before they disappear.

What began as a Kickstarter campaign in 2015 has grown into a burgeoning business. And like all small businesses that experience success, their operations started becoming more complex as more orders started to come in.

The Problem

Code And Quill Notebooks

As with any small business, Code&Quill ran their shipping operations completely in-house. As a lean, agile, and very small brand, it was possible to fulfill incoming orders while trying to flesh out other critical parts of the business.

The tricky part for many small businesses - Code&Quill included - is navigating this period of growth where time is too valuable to be spent shipping orders, but costs are still too high to reliably outsource to 3PLs. Most 3PLs won’t make economic sense for many small businesses; small businesses simply don’t have the demand to get affordable rates from 3PLs.

Code&Quill has gone back-and-forth between partnering with 3PLs and bringing their fulfillment in-house. It became a Catch-22 of sorts for their business operations - either sink an inordinate amount of money into a 3PL, or sink an inordinate amount of time with in-house fulfillment. It’s tough to navigate this operational purgatory without an injection of cash or cheap labor, neither of which were at hand for Code&Quill.

The Solution

Code And Quill Notebooks

When Code&Quill discovered EasyPost Fulfillment, they found a potential to unload their fulfillment burdens without being weighed down by heavy costs.

EasyPost differs from most 3PLs because of our approach to common fulfillment problems. Most 3PLs are strictly logistics companies, well versed in best practices but not innovative by nature. EasyPost is a technology company on top of being a logistics company, underlining our commitment to finding new and better ways to approach fulfillment and make it simple for businesses like Code&Quill to succeed.

One example is our simplified cost structure. Instead of charging a litany of fees for storing and shipping packages, EasyPost charges a simple weight-based fee per package fulfilled. We can do this because much of our fulfillment process is automated, allowing us to save abundantly on labor costs, which we then pass on to the customer. Because of this, most companies save up to 24% on their fulfillment costs when they onboard with EasyPost.

Code&Quill onboarded with EasyPost with minimal hassle, but more importantly, they came on with our commitment to iteratively improve their fulfillment experience. For instance, Code&Quill were one of our first customers to request onsite bundling of their products. The first few tries were understandably tricky, but resulted in a solid bundling process that we can proudly offer to all future customers. EasyPost doesn’t just fix fulfillment issues; we’re committed to figuring out ways to resolve them forever and for all of our customers.

With fulfillment in steady and reliable hands, Code&Quill can focus on other growth initiatives that can move them towards becoming an iconic brand. Growth is only possible if your operations can match the demand your product brings. When a big part of your operations is managed by a trusted partner, the path to growth becomes much smoother.

EasyPost have been great partners in 3PL since Day One. Their strong, automation-focused services mean we don’t have to think about daily shipping needs... and where thinking is required, they’ve got a team of courteous, helpful professionals standing behind those services for us. It’s been an all-around pleasure working with them.

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