How do I add new products?

One way to create products in EasyPost is to upload them in a CSV file on your Inventories Dashboard page. You can download a template here.

Creating a Product CSV

Above is a screenshot for your reference. We will be explaining what each column means and how to properly fill out the CSV file. All columns are mandatory. If any of the columns are left blank, your file will fail to upload.

  1. title: Enter a descriptive title of the product. The more description, the better. This can help the warehouse identify the product if there is a problem with your barcode.
  2. barcode: The scannable UPC code associated with this unique product.
  3. image_url: If you have a picture of your product uploaded somewhere then this can assist us in identifying products in case there are any issues.
  4. length: The length of the product in inches.
  5. width: The width of the product in inches.
  6. height: The height of the product in inches.
  7. weight_oz: The weight of your product in ounces.
  8. price: The value of your product in dollars and cents (e.g., 11.99).
  9. hs_code: The general format of the tariff code is ####.## or ####.##.####.
  10. origin_country: The manufacturing origin of your item. If you’re unsure please put "US".

Each product you wish to add in our system must be its own row and have a unique barcode. Once you have filled out information for each product you wish to add, please export it as a CSV.

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