The EasyPost Delivery Guarantee is here

The EasyPost Delivery Guarantee service is available to all EasyPost customers. What does delivery guarantee mean? It provides a money-back guarantee on service levels that carriers don't cover, like USPS First Class Parcel and Priority Mail.

Plugging the gaps

Carrier serviceEasyPost Delivery Guarantee supportedUSPS Delivery Guarantee supported
USPS First Class Parcel
USPS Priority Mail
USPS Priority Mail Express

Additional service levels across UPS, DHL, and FedEx coming soon!

Streamlined and simple

Automatic refund processing

No claims necessary, refunds are processed automatically.

Automatic monthly reports

All late shipments and refunds summarized monthly.


Service runs 365 days a year and through peak season.

Improve the customer experience

We've heard too many cases of consumers leaving bad reviews, asking for money back, overloading support teams, and churning altogether when shipments arrive late. EasyPost Delivery Guarantee allows you to solve all these problems at once.

Seize control over your shipping delays

Carriers' partial coverage on delivery guarantees is incredibly problematic when shipments are consistently arriving late. And this problem is only exacerbated during the peak season. Use EasyPost Delivery Guarantee to gain more control over the carriers' volatility and shipping delays in transit performance.

Get going today!

Signing up for the EasyPost Delivery Guarantee is as simple as one quick contract amendment. We will schedule a meeting with you and then send over a rate card for all service levels included in the delivery guarantee service with the contractual amendment to lock in the rates. We can get you going as fast as you are ready to sign up. Contact your CSM or click below to get going now!