Do I need extra EasyPost accounts for DHL eCommerce returns?

DHL might require you to set up accounts for each pickup number you plan on using, but you don't have to create multiple accounts on EasyPost for this purpose. We have the dhlgm_return_location Shipment option for this purpose.

Use the dhlgm_return_location Shipment option to specify a unique return location, which will then override the address associated with the CarrierAccount, allowing you to create new return shipments for multiple addresses without creating multiple accounts. Here's a Ruby code sample:

EasyPost::Shipment.create(..., options: { dhlgm_return_location: " <PICKUP_NUMBER> " })

The information in the dhlgm_return_location is what gets passed on to DHL, allowing the return shipment to go through without the hassle of creating a whole new account for a new pickup number.

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