How do I connect my FedEx account with EasyPost?

You can set up your FedEx account on EasyPost in just a few minutes. Before you start, gather the following credentials and information first:

  • FedEx Production Account Number
  • FedEx Production Meter Number
  • FedEx Production Access Key
  • FedEx Production Access Key Password
  • FedEx Test Account Number
  • FedEx Test Meter Number
  • FedEx Test Access Key
  • Test Access Key Password

Once you have all of your credentials and info, log into your EasyPost account to access your dashboard. FedEx Dry Ice Box

Then, select Carrier Accounts on the left-hand menu. FedEx Dry Ice Box

Select FedEx on the right-hand menu. FedEx Dry Ice Box

Enter all of the credentials and info into their corresponding fields. Also, make sure to enter a description of the account for development purposes. You may also include a reference, but please note that references can not be edited once entered.

Click on “Create,” and your FedEx account is now enabled on your EasyPost account.

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