How do I create a BOL?

A BOL is a required document that lists all products and quantities you are sending to our fulfillment center. The BOL creation template can be downloaded here. Upload the completed BOL creation template to your dashboard and it will automatically create an electronic record of your BOL at the destination warehouse. A BOL must be created prior to your shipment’s arrival at our warehouse.

In order to match the electronic record to your physical shipment, one of the following is required:

  1. A unique, scannable barcode, such as a tracking code or PRO number, for your BOL. (If you have more than one tracking code, then create a BOL for each tracking code).
  2. A printed copy of the BOL PDF in or attached to each box/pallet.

For the CSV, enter the unit count and container count for each unique product_barcode that will be included in the shipment. For example, a box of 12 cups would be in the same row with unit count = 12, and container count = 1.

However, if you are shipping orderable master cases/master cartons then they should be assigned a different product_barcode. From there, you can enter the quantity in the units field (since they will be checked in individually as cases).

If you are not shipping enough units to fill a pallet, then you can leave the pallets field blank. Also, if units are not divided by pallet then please let us know how many total pallets are coming in the first row.

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