How to print ZPL Labels from the Command Line on Mac/Unix

It's much easier to automate printing of ZPL labels from the command line than through any UI. On Mac/Unix, you can print in just two steps:

1. Find your ZPL printer's name in the list of attached printers:

$ lpstat -p -d

2. Use that printer's name and your ZPL's filename:

$ lpr -P <PRINTER_NAME> -o raw <FILENAME.zpl>

Some printers require additional options, such as page size and margins. To get your printer's specific options, use:

$ lpoptions -p PRINTER_NAME -l.

The command might end up looking something like this depending on the options it lists:

$ lpr -P PRINTER_NAME -o media=Custom.4x6in -o page-left=0 -o page-right=0 -o page-top=0 -o page-bottom=0 FILENAME.png

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