What happens if the customer's webhook URL goes down?

We have a 24-hour failsafe that should maintain the webhook URL.

If your webhook URL is down for longer than 24 hours, we do have an endpoint to resend the webhook. Here’s an example request for what a webhook event resend would look like:

curl -X POST https://api.easypost.com/v2/events/ -u API_KEY: -d 'result_id=trk_...'

You would need to POST to https://api.easypost.com/v2/events with EasyPost ID of the tracker whose webhook you want to resend. This then triggers our system to resend the most recent webhook for the provided tracker, and is up-to-date with the most recent information. This endpoint will also work for other objects that send webhooks, such as Batches and Scan Forms.

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