PARCLL is a best-in-class domestic and international ecommerce logistics provider and consolidator. With a dynamic IT suite, PARCLL is able to offer EasyPost customers a full range of services including fully integrated tracking, DDP international shipments, built-in zone skipping, and more.

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PARCLL is a leading domestic and international logistics provider and parcel consolidator servicing locations in Los Angeles, Dallas, Miami, Chicago, New York, and Atlanta. PARCLL offers shipping services that fit the needs of your customers with a variety of ecommerce options that span the globe. With over 10,000 global clients and 700,000 daily shipments, PARCLL has the experience and the capacity to handle all of your shipping needs.


PARCLL has built a reputation in the parcel delivery industry as a business-friendly solution for low and high-volume shippers alike. Combining that with PARCLL's extensive logistics partnerships, you can get great rates for your shipments. Talk to an EasyPost shipping specialist today to see if you qualify for a discount.

Service Levels and Coverage Area

Service Levels

PARCLL offers a full range of small parcel services to suit your B2B and B2C needs, including:

Transit Time
Max Dimensions (inches)
Max Weight (ounces)
ECOWE (Economy West)
ECOCE (Economy Central)
ECONE (Economy Northeast)
ECOEA (Economy East)
ECOSO (Economy South)
EXPWE (Expedited West)
EXPBNE (Expedited Northeast)
REGWE (Regional West)
REGCE (Regional Central)
REGNE (Regional Northeast)
REGEA (Regional East)
REGSO (Regional South)
CAECOWE (US to CA Economy)
CAECOCE (US to CA Economy)
CAECONE (US to CA Economy)
EUECOWE (US to Europe Economy)

Coverage Area

PARCLL offers drop-off hubs in Los Angeles, Dallas, Miami, Chicago, New York, and Atlanta with full shipping coverage in the US. PARCLL also provides 1st-mile solutions on an account-by-account basis. Reach out to EasyPost's customer success team to see if you qualify.

Map showing coverage area for PARCLL showing locations in Los Angeles, Dallas, Chicago, Atlanta, New York, and Miami

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Setting up a PARCLL account is seamless and can be done in minutes through EasyPost. Navigate to your EasyPost carrier account dashboard and link your account using your credentials.

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Choosing Injection Hub for Drop-offs

When you are bringing your PARCLL credentials to EasyPost, you will be able to choose the most convenient injection hub for drop-offs.

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Looking to Set Up a New PARCLL Account?

Talk to an EasyPost sales rep today to see what discounts you qualify for and set up a custom solution for your business. If you have any questions about the registration process or linking your PARCLL account, please reach out directly to our support team.