Reverse Logistics

Reverse logistics describes how products can be leveraged once they're reintroduced into your inventory. As more and more commerce moves online, how to handle returns and exchanges becomes an important part of your business operations. Having a process in place to receive returned products, inspect them for quality, and reintroduce them into your stack will be crucial to minimize waste. With EasyPost, we have reverse logistics processes in place to keep returns flowing in and out. We also have the flexibility to work with your in-house return workflows if you prefer.

The benefits to good reverse logistics include:

  • Save money on lost products by seamlessly reintroducing products back into your stock
  • Offer a smoother returns flow, which customers will appreciate and may engender customer loyalty
  • Preventing returns inefficiency from affecting other parts of your fulfillment workflows

Save Money on Fulfillment Today

EasyPost is a Full-Service Fulfillment Platform that Includes:
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