Royal Mail Guide

Want to use EasyPost to ship with Royal Mail? This guide will break down all the necessary steps to make it happen.

This guide will help you use EasyPost to ship with Royal Mail. It will cover:

Getting onboarded with Royal Mail requires some extra verification steps for account security, which might make the onboarding process a little longer. Thankfully, there isn't too much information that the customer needs to provide.

Also, it's important to note that Royal Mail requires a designation support liaison in order to handle any Royal Mail support issues. Because of this, all Royal Mail support issues must go through EasyPost first, since we will be the designated support liaison between you and Royal Mail.

Before you get started with onboarding your Royal Mail account, we recommend generating a label through our API first to understand how the label generation will work. If you haven't generated your first shipping label with EasyPost, we recommend reading our Getting Started Guide to learn how.

Setting Up Your Royal Mail Account

EasyPost is an officially approved Royal Mail vendor. In order to begin the onboarding process for your Royal Mail account, first visit your EasyPost account dashboard. Click on "Carrier Accounts" and select Royal Mail from the list on the right. You'll be asked to provide some information, which includes:

  • Reference: A custom reference used for your own documentation purposes.
  • Description: A description field used for your own documentation purposes.
  • Royal Mail Account Number: The account number associated with your Royal Mail account. If you do not have this information, contact your Royal Mail representative to receive it.
  • OBA Email Address: The email address associated with your Royal Mail account.

Once you've entered this information, we will verify your account number and email address before querying Royal Mail for your account credentials. Once those credentials are uploaded, you'll have access to all of Royal Mail's untracked services if you need to start shipping right away.

After your account is verified, we will then query Royal Mail for all the service levels associated with your account. It may take a few days for us to receive them. Once we have those, you'll have access to all of the service levels available to your account.

To add more service levels to your account, you'll have to contact your Royal Mail representative first. Have them confirm the new service level with us, and we'll enable the new service level once we receive the confirmation.

Receiving Accurate Rates

While Royal Mail does not offer real time rates, they will provide you with rate charts for the services you will be utilizing. Find Royal Mail rate charts on the Royal Mail website.

If you have negotiated rates with Royal Mail, you'll need to contact your Royal Mail representative and have them send over your rate tables along with your account number (for verification purposes). Once we receive your rate tables and can confirm that they're associated with your specific account, we'll immediately upload them to your account so you can receive accurate Royal Mail rates on EasyPost.

Generating Shipping Labels

Generating shipping labels for Royal Mail is exactly the same as generating them for any other carrier with EasyPost. See our Getting Started Guide for help generating your first shipping label.

EasyPost offers native Royal Mail labels in PNG and ZPL formats.

Manifests and Pickups

Manifesting is a strict requirement of Royal Mail - you must manifest your shipments before they can be picked up and processed. While we will automatically send manifest information to Royal Mail with our ScanFrom object, Royal Mail manifests should also be given to your pickup driver along with your shipments.

Generating a manifest with EasyPost is simple:

  1. Create an empty Batch object
  2. Add shipments you'd like to manifest to the Batch
  3. Create a Manifest / ScanForm for the Batch
  4. Print out the manifest document for your Royal Mail driver

Each shipment may only be included on one manifest - attempts to manifest a shipment more than once will be ignored. It's important to note this, since it's possible to create partial or incorrect manifests.

For example, if you add shipments 1 and 2 to a manifest, and then attempt to add 2 and 3, the second manifest will only contain shipment 3. You can inspect a Manifest / ScanForm's "tracking_codes" attribute to see which tracking codes were included.

Tracking Your Royal Mail Packages

When you onboard your Royal Mail account onto EasyPost, Royal Mail will give you a block of tracking codes that get refilled every 6 months. These are the tracking codes that you will assign to each of your shipments in order for our Tracking API to work. These tracking codes will also be used to designate each package in your ScanForms, which we will then send to Royal Mail automatically as a manifest.