USPS Commercial Base Pricing

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What is USPS Commercial Base Pricing?

Commercial Base Pricing is the pricing tier right above Retail Pricing and below Commercial Plus Pricing.

We offer Commercial Plus Pricing standard through all EasyPost accounts. There is no volume necessary for qualifying, you just need to sign up to get started.


The following is a pricing chart for Retail and Commercial Base rates as of January 26, 2014.

Priority MailRetailCommercial Base
Flat-Rate Envelope$5.60$5.05
Flat-Rate Padded Envelope$5.95$5.70
Small Flat-Rate Box$5.80$5.25
Medium Flat-Rate Box$12.35$11.30
Large Flat-Rate Box$17.45$15.80
0.5 Pound, Zone 1 & 2n/an/a
1.0 Pound, Zone 1 & 2$5.60$5.05
Express MailRetailCommercial Base
Flat-Rate Envelope$19.99$18.11
0.5 Pound, Zone 1 & 2$16.95$13.09
1.0 Pound, Zone 1 & 2$17.95$15.13

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