What charges may I face if I am using a Free Developer plan account?

Our Developer plan is designed to be a completely free option to help lower volume users (i.e. below 50,000 annually) get started with our simple shipping platform. However, there are certain situations where we assess a fee to either recoup our costs or discourage abuse. These are:

  • Using the labels or tracking APIs beyond 5,000 free parcels per month results in an overage charge of 5 cents per label or tracking call. However, we credit all overage fees toward an upgrade to a Custom plan without any overage fees.
  • Using the address verification API beyond the number of labels purchased which results in a 1 cent fee per domestic verification and a 3 cent fee per international verification.
  • Loading wallets from a credit card which results in a 3% convenience fee deducted from the amount loaded. This fee can be avoided by loading wallets via ACH.
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