FedEx label sizes and format options

This FedEx label guide will walk you through label size and format options and other important FedEx label notes.

FedEx Label Sizes

Possible values for FedEx label sizes (actual results may vary):

  1. "4x6" (default)
  2. "8.5x11"
  3. "4X8"
  4. "4x9"
  5. "7X4.75"
  7. "8.5X11_TOP_HALF_LABEL"

FedEx Label Formats

Possible values for FedEx label formats (actual results may vary):

  1. "PNG"
  2. "PDF"
  3. "ZPL"
  4. "EPL2"

FedEx label custom text options

FedEx has multiple options for printing custom text on their labels. For many users utilizing the following options will suffice for their needs:

  1. "print_custom_1"
  2. "invoice_number"
JSON Example
"options": {
  "print_custom_1": "printCustom1",
  "invoice_number": "INVOICE12345"

If you want to utilize more of the print_custom fields that FedEx has available then you have to utilize the print_custom_x_code options, with the appropriate FedEx codes to go with it. See Options

  1. "print_custom_1"
  2. "print_custom_2"
  3. "print_custom_3"
  4. "invoice_number"

These values will appear beneath the address on the FedEx label, as shown here:

Custom text showing on a FedEx label
JSON Example
"options": {
  "print_custom_1": "printCustom1",
  "print_custom_2": "printCustom2",
  "print_custom_2_code": "PO",
  "print_custom_3": "printCustom3",
  "print_custom_3_code": "RMA",
  "invoice_number": "INVOICE12345"

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