What services does DHL eCommerce provide?

DHL eCommerce provides standard domestic and international carrier services, as well as return solutions and eCommerce logistics tools. They specialize in high-volume shipping, partnering with different carriers to handle last-mile delivery (in the US, the USPS handles DHL eCommerce’s last-mile delivery).

Their biggest selling point is their sheer economy of scale. By leveraging their volume, you get lower rates for better service.

The following is a list of DHL eCommerce service levels that EasyPost supports:

  • DHLParcelExpedited
  • DHLParcelExpeditedMax
  • DHLParcelGround
  • DHLBPMExpedited
  • DHLBPMGround
  • DHLParcelInternationalDirect
  • DHLParcelInternationalStandard
  • DHLPacketInternational
  • DHLParcelInternationalDirectPriority
  • DHLParcelInternationalDirectStandard
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