Why does an order show that it hasn't been shipped yet?

If over one business day has passed since the order was opened for fulfillment, then the order was likely picked up by the courier without initiating a pick up scan. This causes the tracking to skip the “picked up” status, which makes it seem like it hasn't been shipped at all. Usually the order will either update itself again during transit, sometimes after delivery, or it may not update at all. It's best to contact the carrier to see the status of the package.

If it’s only been a day or two since the label was created, then you can let the customer know that the package is likely in transit and that it will be delivered within two business weeks depending on the service level the customer chose. However, if a couple weeks have passed since the label was created with no tracking updates, I would recommend reaching out to the customer to see if they’ve received their package. If they do not receive it by then feel free to add a replacement order so your customer doesn’t end up waiting any longer.

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