Why would I need child users?

Child User are an organizational tool that can be leveraged to associate specific carrier accounts and EasyPost objects with a User while still maintaining control from master account. These child Users function similarly to a regular Users account except all the billing flows through the parent User and the child User can not login to our website. Child Users can be beneficial if you have a customer that wants to use their negotiated rates with a carrier. Since the billing rolls up to the parent User you will gain greater control over the billing process of your application. We have an in-depth explanation into child accounts here that you can check out.

Child accounts can be useful if you want a separate account for your customers, but you still want them to access your negotiated rates. The vice-versa is also true, if a customer wants to use your application, but would rather use their own negotiated rates. The flexibility of a child User allows you to provide limited and precise access to customers or 3rd parties that need to access your shipping application.

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