X Delivery Guide

Want to use EasyPost to ship with X Delivery? This guide will break down all the necessary steps to make it happen.

This guide will cover:

If you haven't generated your first shipping label with EasyPost, we recommend reading our Getting Started Guide to learn how.

X Delivery Overview

X Delivery is a nationwide 2-3 day expedited carrier solution offering fast and affordable shipping to their customers. By leveraging unfilled space in existing transit vehicles and facilities, X Delivery can deliver optimized routes that are low-cost and low-emission. And with their extensive ecosystem of supply chain assets, they can automatically optimize shipments even as volume scales.

Service Levels and Coverage Area

Service Levels

X Delivery delivers 6 days per week (Mon-Sat). The service levels through EasyPost include:

  • 2-3 Day expedited

See service levels for all EasyPost-supported carriers.

Coverage Area

X Delivery supports 2-3 Day expedited delivery within the United States.

Setting Up Your X Delivery Account

Follow the instructions below to start shipping with X Delivery through EasyPost. If you have not created an EasyPost account, sign up now!

  • Register for an X Delivery shipper account:
    • Register for an X Delivery shipper account on their website, and X Delivery will contact you.
    • Let them know you will be using EasyPost's API to purchase labels.
    • Acquire rates and align any additional shipping needs
  • Link your X Delivery shipper account to EasyPost:
    • Log in to your EasyPost account and navigate to the Carrier Accounts page.
    • Add your X Delivery carrier account credentials to reflect their service levels in our shipping API.
    • Begin purchasing labels through the EasyPost shipping API!

Receiving Accurate Rates

Your agreed-upon rates with X Delivery will return from the Shipping API in real-time, once you set up your X Delivery account within EasyPost.

Generating Shipping Labels

Generating shipping labels for X Delivery is the same as generating them for any other carrier with EasyPost. See our Getting Started Guide for help generating your first shipping label.

EasyPost offers native X Delivery labels in PNG, ZPL, and PDF formats.


X Delivery can support pickups for any customer based on their agreement. Regular pickups can be arranged with the X Delivery team during the registration process; however, cannot be scheduled through the EasyPost API.

Tracking Your X Delivery Packages

Tracking statuses are available for all X Delivery shipments. Creating a Tracker for X Delivery is identical to creating a tracker with any other carrier through EasyPost.

Take a look at our Tracking Guide for support in creating your first Tracker.

Talk to a Shipping Expert

Any questions about how to start shipping with X Delivery through the EasyPost API?