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At EasyPost, we know ecommerce shipping is rarely simple, especially when it comes to shipping across borders. Our team is constantly building smart solutions to complex problems, including tools to help ecommerce businesses that ship to and from Canada.

Using EasyPost's simple Shipping API, you can ship with Canada Post and dozens of other carriers with a single point of integration. Our AVS API can improve deliverability to Canada addresses by up to 63%. Plus, we can help you leverage special carrier discounts for Canadian EasyPost customers.

When you speak with our ecommerce shipping experts, you'll learn why other companies in Canada rely on EasyPost for…

  • Fast response times to make tasks run smoothly
  • The most reliable uptime – 99.99% during peak season
  • Easy scaling with shipping volume growth
  • A fast and resourceful support team

Get in touch today to hear how we help our customers save up to 88% using our modern Shipping API, Tracking API, and Address Verification API for USPS, FedEx, UPS, DHL, and many more carriers that ship to Canada.