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Travis Edwards

Introducing Our New Partner White Label API

by Travis Edwards

EasyPost is laser-focused on customer experience. So naturally, we are always looking to identify the product areas that greatly impact our customers’ experience. And a critical component to our customers’ experience is their end customers’ experience shipping. This is especially poignant for our online platform partners that in many cases support hundreds of thousands of end customers.

Something critical for online platforms is providing an intuitive and smooth account setup experience, so their new users aren’t lost in the final stretch. The marketing dollars invested in funneling a customer to the platform are incredibly inefficient when customers are lost during the enrollment experience.

EasyPost understands this and empowers partners to provide the best end-customer experience possible. So to enhance this experience, EasyPost is incredibly excited to announce our new Partner White Label API.

Shipping made easy for your customers

The EasyPost Partner White Label API empowers online platforms to white label all EasyPost shipping services to end customers. Once you have captured the correct information and passed it through the API, your end customers can access EasyPost’s shipping APIs directly through your platform. And without ever leaving the platform.

With the Partner White Label API, you can:

  • Create new EasyPost user accounts for your end customers, including billing information
  • Manage your end accounts’ API keys
  • Report on EasyPost shipping volume (including label volume, tracking volume, invoices, refunds, and more!)

EasyPost is ready to scale with you! We support partners with more than 100k accounts, and there are no limitations with the number of accounts created with the Partner White Label API.

Take a look at this example of how it works

For example, let's pretend that you’re an ecommerce platform that manages return services for online retailers. To provide shipping for your return services, you need extensive coverage and a highly affordable array of shipping options. You elect to use EasyPost, a multi-carrier shipping API because integrating with new carriers is much more cost-effective and efficient than building out your own integrations with carriers. Additionally, by virtue of having access to 100+ major/minor carriers, your shipping coverage is extremely comprehensive with the most competitive rates.

Your business operates with the billing infrastructure such that all end customers enter billing information that pays for your return services + shipping. This means you need to set up your end customers to access EasyPost shipping services using their own payment method. Because you are greatly concerned with the end customer experience during the account registration process, you do not want to have them leave your platform in order to access EasyPost shipping services.

This is where you would leverage the EasyPost Partner White Label API. As part of the account registration process, your end customers provide the needed information to create an EasyPost account and pay for shipping directly within your platform. Then, you pass that information over to EasyPost and instantly create an account for your end customer, so they are ready to ship in seconds.

End customers can link their carrier accounts and access all EasyPost's available discounted rates across the major and minor carriers available. And EasyPost will never contact or interact with your end customers.

What’s the result? Your end customers can access the best and most affordable shipping rates for your return services. You maintain a completely branded experience for your end customers, with no third-party interaction or presence.

What to expect from us

EasyPost brings a developer mindset to the shipping industry. With our competitors, you’ll find unorganized documentation, non-intuitive features, and slow-performing APIs. The Partner White Label API is designed to be flexible, fast, and intuitive, with all of the functionality bundled into a couple of endpoints. Integrations can be done in minutes, and we have a dedicated team to help you through every step of the process.

Further, this new functionality comes as just another blip in a long line of prioritized features for our platform partner customers. Expect that we will continue to improve this API offering and deliver more features and services to boost the partner experience with EasyPost in the future.


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