The Future of Shopping
We explore how shopping will change over the next 3 years and provide actionable advice on how to best prepare your business for the evolving nature of consumers.

The IT Gap in 3rd Party Logistics Providers
The IT Gap - or the gap between the technology a 3PL provides and what a customer needs - is becoming a bigger problem as customers demand more agile fulfillment.

2017 EasyPost Holiday Guide
We've gathered the best practices of 2017 to help your business weather the intense demand of an extremely important holiday season.

Empowering Operations with Better Return Policies
Returns are probably the least popular part of your business operations. But if returns are done well, they're also an amazing opportunity to help grow your business.

Hosted Shipping Solutions vs. On-Premise Shipping Solutions
When it comes to shipping technology, the better solution is the one that provides reliability, flexibility, and scalability at a reasonable price.

What Do You Need From a 3PL?
People ask us what a good 3PL looks like. So decided to break down the three common qualities of a good 3PL, which should help you pick the right 3PL for your business.

The Importance of Address Verification
Address verification is a key guardrail to ensure the deliverability of your packages, and therefore your entire business operation. But how exactly should it be approached?

Performance Tracking Your Carriers
If you hold your employees accountable for their performance, shouldn't you do the same for the partner that handles one of the most crucial parts of your business operations?

The Value of Shipping APIs
The value of Shipping APIs isn't just the money you save from expensive carrier integrations, it's in the automation that it introduces to your shipping operations.

How To Successfully Implement Just-In-Time Inventory Management
Just-In-Time inventory management - when implemented successfully - can drastically reduce operations costs and increase efficiency throughout your supply chain. But therein lies the rub, how does one successfully implement JIT?