Create shipping labels

With EasyPost's Create Label tool, you can start shipping with USPS, FedEx, UPS, and others in just minutes. Simply enter in your package details to rate-shop between carriers and service levels for the right price and speed. Access great carriers, exclusive discounts, and pay-and-print functionality right from your home or office.

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A complete shipping solution

Multi-carrier access

Easily compare rates and purchase labels from USPS, UPS, FedEx, DHL, and dozens of others.

Track packages

Provide real-time shipment updates through custom branded tracking pages and webhook notifications.

Address verification

Confirm the accuracy of domestic and international addresses to improve deliverability.

Shipping insurance

Protect your packages against damage, loss, or theft across all carriers, service levels, and countries.

How it works

Create a label

Sign up for a free account and enter the shipment details for your package, including weight and dimensions.


Purchase the desired shipping service for your package and a label will be created — apply to the package and ship!

Verify, track, and insure

Verify shipping addresses, track packages, and insure against mishaps directly in the create label interface.

Small business shipping rates

Through EasyPost, small businesses access USPS Commercial Plus Pricing for domestic and international shipments. Save money on standard shipping lanes with trusted carriers using our Create Label interface.

Save time with simple shipping

EasyPost's Create Label tool is powered by our Shipping API, the most powerful shipping solution on the market. Small businesses can create shipping labels, verify addresses, track packages, and insure their shipments all through our user interface. Best of all, there is no coding required and users can sign up and get started in minutes.

Your first $500 is on us. Start shipping today!