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Our team of problem solvers bring a modern approach to shipping logistics. We collaborate across departments, ask challenging questions, explore new solutions, and take accountability for our wins and mistakes.

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Benefits and perks


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It's rewarding to work with an entrepreneurial team to disrupt such an archaic industry. Every day I'm energized by the team around me and the problems we're trying to solve.

Team and technology

We're a fun group of passionate entrepreneurs who built our own revolutionary software designed to make shipping simple. EasyPost started as an Engineering first company and we are proud to have a pragmatic approach to software development. Our team has a wealth of diverse experience and different backgrounds ranging from startups to large technology companies.

Be part of a leading technology company:

  • CI/CD inspired workflows - we deploy dozens of times a day
  • Small services over monoliths - we've deployed hundreds of services
  • Strong engineering tooling and developer support
  • Transparency and participation around architecture and technology decisions
  • Culture of blamelessness and improving today from yesterday's shortcomings
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The future of you

As industry experts, we're working not only to help our customers make sense of the industry, but to define where it's headed. We are looking for candidates who are approachable, dynamic, inventive, intelligent, and reliable to join our team in unpacking the future of shipping.

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Life at EasyPost



Embrace new challenges to grow your skill set.



Create efficient solutions that are easy to execute.



Share new ideas and work collaboratively across teams.

The future of shipping

How can modern, flexible technology improve the customer experience of shipping? What if every business was able to offer same-day shipping? How much waste would be removed from the environment if all our shipments were consolidated into one delivery per week? At EasyPost, we're figuring out the answer to these questions and more.

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