High-volume shipping made easy

EasyPost Enterprise

Shipping solutions specially designed for high-volume shippers. A powerful suite of tools, including: sub-second shipping, sophisticated analytics, real-time tracking, world-class support, and tons more.

Confidently navigate uncertainties

Feel secure knowing you're using the latest in cutting-edge shipping technology (no old-school legacy platform here!) built and maintained by professionals with decades of real-world expertise.

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Harness the power of sub-second speed and 99.99% up-time

Stay ahead of the competition with our high-speed, sub-second shipment processing and automated customer-specific routing decisions. Ship 700k+ packages a day with 99.99% uptime for most carriers.

Capitalize on real-time data to pivot on the fly

Confidently recognize when it is time to make changes using our end-to-end visibility and data-driven insights provided through analytics-based KPIs.

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Relax with world-class support, security, and expertise

Take advantage of our 24/7/365 support from industry experts with years of experience in shipping logistics and our SOC2 certification.

Features include

Technology for everyone

Options for multi-carrier shipping API, on-premise solution, or cloud-enabled software

Expansive integration options

Connect easily to your WMS, TMS, EMS, Distributed Order Management (DOM) and/or ERP

Parcel consolidation

Centralized shipping to manage multiple locations using automated routing decisions, shipping documents, and business rules

Parcel contract management

Access to 100+ carriers including regional, domestic, last-mile, international, or freight carriers, all with exclusive discounted rates

Real-time parcel visibility

End-to-end order lifecycle visibility into on-time delivery performance


Analytics-based KPIs to identify gaps and risks as well as opportunities to drive business goals and needs

Label and document creation

Automated form and label generation with an extensive forms library

World-class support

24/7/365 support from industry experts with years of experience in shipping logistics

Consulting services

Industry experts provide guidance to improve performance based on data specific to your company and needs

Join hundreds of large-scale shippers who trust EasyPost

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Rest easy with EasyPost

Large-scale shippers face unique challenges — supply chain complexity, rising costs, capacity constraints, regulatory compliance, increased customer demands and more. But with the EasyPost Enterprise comprehensive suite of solutions, you can know you've got it under control.

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