5¢ per shipment, or less

When you purchase a postage label with EasyPost, you pay a fee of per shipment to EasyPost. All other API calls are free.

EasyPost has no setup fees, no monthly fees, no storage fees, and no cancellation fees. There's also no charge for refunded shipments. You're only billed when you purchase labels.

Just load your credit card to get up and running with USPS. All postage, parcel, and EasyPost fees will be billed to the card on file. For other carriers, you'll load your carrier account details for your negotiated rates and all billing will continue through them.

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Common Pricing Questions

Do you offer monthly subscriptions as well?

Yes, for multi-carrier integrations, we offer monthly subscriptions. Email us about the right plan for you.

What USPS pricing level does EasyPost offer?

EasyPost offers Commercial Base to everyone that signs up. We also offer Cubic Pricing to those interested. You can see more about our pricing levels here and can contact us about getting started with the right pricing for you.

Does EasyPost support your negotiated rates?

Yes! EasyPost allows you to enter all your carrier account information and guarantees you the rates you've already negotiated.

How does EasyPost compare to others?

EasyPost will always offer low prices, simple integration, and exceptional support. Others charge monthly fees, mark up costs with various carriers, and take more time to integrate. All of this adds up and ends up costing you more money, but most importantly it takes your attention away from your business. With EasyPost you will be integrated by the end of the day and focusing on your core business.

Do you offer volume discounts?

Yes! Please send us an email at to discuss what discounts are right for you or click the button above and we'll contact you shortly.

If a label (postage or parcel) is refunded, is the EasyPost fee refunded as well?

Absolutely! You only pay for what you use.