Bean Box Brews Scalable Success via FedEx and EasyPost

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  • Customer Since: 2021
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  • Carriers Used: FedEx
  • EasyPost APIs Used: Shipping API, Tracking API

Great coffee means fresh coffee. Bean Box delivers in-home specialty coffee experiences and was built on maintaining the freshness of coffee roasted by its network of 40+ suppliers. As Bean Box started to scale and search for options to deliver specialty coffee to the hands of customers as quickly as possible, it turned to FedEx for timely delivery and EasyPost for a scalable solution to manage shipping logic and tracking to serve its growing customer base.

Optimizing for a perishable product

Over the past seven years, Bean Box has centered its investment and growth in building a supplier network and growing operational capacity to move freshly roasted coffee through its facility, and out for delivery via FedEx. The result has been more efficient and on-time deliveries for coffee aficionados worldwide. From managing inbound deliveries from partner coffee roasters to packaging coffee into sampler boxes, many operational steps go into getting the final parcel to FedEx. In many cases, coffee passes through Bean Box facilities and onto a FedEx truck within 48 hours of roasting. But as Bean Box scaled its coffee deliveries, especially during their peak season, they realized that a deeper, more intelligent, and more scalable integration with FedEx was necessary to keep up with demand.

Scaling product handoff

During its peak season in 2020, as Bean Box continued to grow, label generation became a bottleneck for the Bean Box operations team. A combination of issues prevented completed products from being handed off easily at scale, including errors in data formatting and validation, failures in label generation, and opacity in debugging errors. As a result, Bean Box partnered with EasyPost to implement a new integration with FedEx, one that could scale with the growth of the business. "Our new integration allowed us to not only scale product handoff to FedEx but has allowed Bean Box to be ever more nuanced about what it communicates to the customer, while allowing for a broader range of delivery options," said Matthew Berk, Bean Box’s CEO. "Since integrating with EasyPost, we have expanded our delivery volume to Canada and other countries with minimal added complexity. As the market for at-home gourmet coffee grows exponentially, Bean Box, EasyPost, and FedEx are poised to change the way coffee is delivered to consumers, resulting in better mornings for us all."

Building for the future

With the EasyPost connection to FedEx, Bean Box continues to focus on stability and scalability. When interacting with FedEx, Bean Box maintains reductions in error volume, low-latency transactions, and clear visibility into parcel tracking.

With EasyPost earning FedEx Diamond Status and the 2021 Envision Award as the highest performing new solution provider in the FedEx Compatible Tier Program, now’s the time to see what the EasyPost connection to FedEx can do for your business.

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