Simplifying Carrier Operations Utilizing SaaS Technology

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Shipping, an “under-serviced, low-tech industry”

Historically the logistics sector has been perceived as “lagging behind” due to its lack of innovation and slow adoption of new technologies. Ecommerce has become the fastest area of growth internationally, and yet the shipping industry has surprisingly trailed behind therefore creating an opportunity ripe for disruption. Many retailers still rely on legacy technology without realizing that adaptive shipping software is the key to online success

Francine Goulet, CEO and Founder of Courier Gateway, noticed this problem over the course of her 20+ year career in logistics. There had to be a better way, and in interviewing those who directly interacted with legacy shipping software, she found that the answer was to aggregate all carriers under one platform. Having a single software that manages their shipping operations removes the noise and confusion that surrounds shipping, while saving customers both time and money.

The “One Account” for Shipping

CourierGateway is a SaaS-based technology company that automates courier management. The platform sources the best shipping rates for its customers and consolidates courier suppliers through a simple-to-use, centralized dashboard. Through their technology, businesses of all sizes can seamlessly access multiple courier accounts, automate label generation for all their marketplace orders and custom integrations (Shopify, eBay, Amazon, etc), simplify their billing into a single invoice, and centralize all shipping data to allow your operations team to gain insight and make data-backed decisions.

The results were simple, customers expressed their need for simple, easy access to all courier data, all in one central spot.


CEO of CourierGateway

In developing their next-generation SaaS-based platform, CourierGateway needed to find an API with established integrations to a global network of couriers. EasyPost, which had been simplifying multi-carrier integrations through its RESTful Shipping API, was chosen because of the speed to market, breadth of options, and competitive pricing it offered. Through EasyPost, CourierGateway maintains reliable integrations with US and Canadian-based couriers; in turn, their customers enjoy seamless and undisrupted service with their couriers of choice.

“EasyPost is an incredible partner, they reliably support our growth at scale. As CourierGateway continues to develop business, the ease in which to add new couriers, and the EasyPost ancillary offering are incredible assets to our business.” Francine Goulet, CEO of CourierGateway

How CourierGateway Works

  • Create Order: Simplified order entry will save time and increase accuracy
  • Select Rate: Compare exclusive rates on preferred services across multiple couriers
  • Label to ship: Print or email your label to get that package out the door
  • Track package: Multiple packages, multiple carriers, all in one consolidated view
  • Manage order: Easily manage all activity and financials from suppliers to end user within one simple dashboard

Simple Shipping for Small Businesses

Small and medium-sized businesses are competing against multi-billion dollar organizations. While it may seem difficult to compete, focusing on the customer experience can help to improve brand loyalty, customer retention, and overall satisfaction. As shipping software has emerged with the intent of simplifying the industry, small and medium-sized businesses directly benefit because it provides them the tools they need to ship like an ecommerce giant.

The simplicity of a technology with CourierGateway, which is backed by EasyPost’s RESTful API, means that business owners and operators can spend less time trying to sort out the shipping, and more time focusing on their core competencies and growing their business. While simple to navigate, the platform provides needed flexibility and dashboard reporting so that businesses can perform at their best.

Why Choose CourierGateway

  • Save Money With pooled volume discounts from the leading National and International Couriers
  • Save Time By using one centralized, parcel shipping hub, save time from not having to manage accounts
  • Increase Efficiency By streamlining your entire administration and accounting processes
  • Increase Visibility With specialized reporting and cross-courier analytics

Spend less on shipping today

EasyPost's multi-carrier Shipping API includes:
  • USPS Merchant Discount Pricing on ALL accounts
  • Instant access to USPS, UPS, FedEx, DHL, and 100+ carriers
  • Tracking, rating, address verification, and insurance features
  • FREE EasyPost testing with no upfront costs
  • Client libraries for .NET, Java, Ruby, Python, Node, PHP, and Go