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  • EasyPost APIs Used: Shipping API, Rating API

One approach to successfully selling online today is through a multi-channel strategy. It should come as no surprise that online businesses who showcase their products in authoritative e-markets gain added exposure and more opportunities to convert shoppers. While managing multiple product listings in multiple ecommerce channels is one of the best tactics for online business owners seeking to claim a larger market sector, it can also be confusing and extremely time-consuming to maintain. That’s where SKULabs comes into play.

SKULabs is an all-in-one multi-channel inventory management and order fulfillment solution for growing businesses of all types. They are an outstanding customer, and we recently spoke with SKULabs about their ongoing journey with EasyPost. We wanted to explore more about their original pain points before EasyPost, how our solutions fit their needs, and what operations have been like since streamlining their logistics with EasyPost.


Inventory being synced across various sales platforms

Based out of South Florida, SKULabs is a single-source inventory management solution for growing online businesses. Their customers enjoy a technology platform bringing all stores, items, orders, and customers together in one digital ecosystem that works on any desktops, tablets, or mobile devices. Logistics is a huge component of what they do. By combining warehouse management with order fulfillment, they merge the picking, packing, and shipping processes all into one workflow resulting in significant operational time and cost savings.

As a premier ecommerce management platform, here’s a glimpse of the level of sales channel coverage they offer to grow online businesses:

  • Shopping Carts
    • Bigcommerce
    • Magento
    • Shopify
    • WooCommerce
    • 3dcart
  • Marketplaces
    • Amazon
    • eBay
    • Etsy
    • Jet
    • Walmart
  • Worldwide Shipping
    • DHL
    • FedEx
    • UPS
  • North American Shipping
    • Canada Post
    • DHL eCommerce
    • LaserShip
    • OnTrac
    • USPS
  • European Shipping
    • Arrow XL
    • Boxberry
    • DPD
    • Yodel
  • Asian Shipping
    • Aramex
    • Asendia HK
  • Oceanic Shipping
    • Australia Post
    • Fastway

Problem: Lengthy Integrations, Label Generation and More

A list of different carriers and the prices to use those carriers

Inflexible integrations. Documenting continuous carrier updates. Inconsistencies with shipment label generations. SKULabs originally built its technology to simplify the online selling experience for customers. Still, that same goal was causing significant production delays on an internal level, requiring them to pivot towards new alternatives.

The average time required for a brand to integrate into a carrier is three months. While SKULabs’ core competency is enhancing the product management processes for online sellers, bottlenecks they were experiencing due to the above-mentioned issues could quickly prolong the integration phase for customers already eager to promote their products to consumers.

Time is of the essence, particularly when it comes to online businesses that have seasonal demand surges for their products. The SKULabs team realized that the one-by-one approach to connecting new customers to multiple marketplaces was not sustainable for their growing business, which ultimately led them to explore new options for their quickly developing problems with the logistics sector of their business.

Solution: EasyPost Next-Generation Logistics Technology

When asked what attracted SKULabs to EasyPost, they explained that it was our "universal shipping API." Put simply, by one single integration with EasyPost, SKULabs was able to omit the variety of special considerations for each carrier their customers need for product transport to their customer base.

A list of items that have cleared from inventory

EasyPost Logistics Solutions for SKULabs

  • Carrier Rating API - Being that EasyPost has 100+ carrier integrations spanning across the globe, SKULabs gained the ability to offer rates with the pre-existing carriers integrations they already partnered with in addition to the expansive library of additional carriers offered through EasyPost. What does this mean to the typically SKULabs customer? More options for cost-effective shipping!
  • Shipping API for Label Generation - Incorrect weight, dimension, physical size, or customer address information. There are a lot of ways in which online businesses can incorrectly generate their shipping labels. These cases are a direct pathway to customer frustrations and impacts on customer retention rates, as SKULas experienced. Utilizing our Shipping API, they are now able to seamlessly generate their shipping labels for the correct order, every time at just $.01 per label.

More on Onboarding…

We get questions all the time about what the process looks like after a business decides to integrate with EasyPost, so we took this opportunity to speak with SKULabs on what the onboarding experience with EasyPost was like for their team.

Overall, SKULabs communicated that the onboarding process was “really easy because the EasyPost team knows quality integration code.” They felt the lifecycle of integrating with our code was fast and straightforward, requiring less developer time and resources to implement. They also expressed gratitude for how helpful and readily available our team was and continues to be when a question or need arises.

All-in-all, the SKULabs team is thrilled with the results they’ve seen since working with EasyPost. We are always excited to learn this type of information from customers that are traversing the ever-changing ecommerce landscape by way of our next-generation technology designed to help make online selling easy once again.

Since we’re not hand-holding each integration, or stopping our development to deal with carrier changes, we've been able to work on our interface and scaling infrastructure.

Josh Barnett Head of Growth

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