EasyPost Partners with XPS Ship to Boost Shipping Speed and Reliability

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  • Customer Since: 2021
  • Business: Shipping & Logistics Software
  • Website: xpsship.com
  • Carriers Used: USPS
  • EasyPost APIs Used: Shipping API, Tracking API

Who Is XPS Ship?

XPSship.com is a multi-carrier shipping solution designed to integrate with ecommerce marketplaces and platforms, providing ecommerce merchants access to discounted shipping rates in one streamlined platform. XPS Ship’s goal was clear from the beginning: to connect business owners with online stores to provide them with the cheapest, most convenient shipping options within a single interface, while offering industry-leading customer service.

Not only is the platform free of frustrating user fees, but it features real-time tracking, the ability to print shipping labels on the go, and live customer service to further improve the shipping experience for ecommerce customers.

Here’s how it works. When a business receives an order, details of this order will appear on the company’s XPS account. From there, the merchant can rate shop carriers and services to find the best price or utilize pre-configured business rules for the most efficient label creation process. The Batch Label Creation feature can also be used to create up to 300 labels at one time. The ease of use that XPS Ship offers allows their customers to spend less time on shipping and more time running other aspects of their business.

Other benefits of XPS Ship include:

  • Multiple Users
  • SCAN Forms
  • Address Books
  • Email/Text Shipment Notifications
  • Tracking Updates
  • Shipping Automation Rules
  • Packing Slips
  • Scale Integration
  • Single-Click Printing
  • Custom Package Sizes
  • Departments/Locations
  • Drop-Ship Capabilities
  • CSV Upload
  • Order Tag Customization

The Need for a Third-Party Data Partner

The most obvious benefit of using XPS Ship is having access to many shipping options in one platform. This eliminates the customer’s need to research shipping options on their own. To offer this feature, XPS Ship requires thorough and up-to-date information from all available carriers, a functionality they outsource for USPS.

While they provide an incredibly useful and convenient platform to customers, they need a competent third party with reliable data to power their business’ back-end.

EasyPost Steps in as True Partner for XPS Ship

Before partnering with EasyPost, XPS Ship had a workable relationship with its shipping logistics provider. After several outage issues arose that impacted customers, however, the XPS Ship team knew they and their customers deserved better. “We needed a true partner,” said Erik Olafsson, president of XPS Ship.

Over previous years, EasyPost had regularly been in touch with the XPS Ship team, and in early 2021, a conversation quickly began about working together. After further research and discussions, XPS Ship launched its account with EasyPost in February 2021 and started shipping with EasyPost in March 2021.

XPS Ship is built directly into EasyPost’s best-in-class shipping API, and they are currently taking advantage of Label and Tracking functionality. Not only is XPS Ship taking advantage of EasyPost’s webhooks for automatic updates on shipment progression, but they’re also using batching and form creation features.

We received minimal attention from our previous provider. That is not the case with EasyPost. When we have questions or need to solve a problem, the EasyPost team is there and has been able to quickly find and implement solutions. We work together, and the result is a better experience for our customers, added Mr. Olafsson.

The company was able to quickly and seamlessly integrate with the EasyPost API using easy-to-understand, step-by-step documentation.

From day one of their integration with EasyPost, the XPS Ship team noticed a difference. Other shipping logistics providers take weeks, and even months, to complete integrations. With EasyPost, this process from beginning to end took only 2-3 weeks.

EasyPost is also known for unparalleled server uptime of 99.99 percent. This allows EasyPost customers like XPS Ship to stay ahead of the curve when their competitors fall behind. Not long after XPS Ship integrated with EasyPost, USPS servers went down for several hours. By integrating with EasyPost’s API rather than USPS directly, XPS Ship could continue providing its customers with fast and dependable shipping options, tracking, and label creation.

In addition to unmatched server uptime, EasyPost also touts the fastest and most reliable shipping API on the market, allowing customers to:

  • Compare rates and purchase labels across UPS, USPS, FedEx, DHL, and 100+ other carriers
  • Improve on-time delivery metrics with data-backed optimization
  • Create and print labels in seconds
  • Receive real-time shipment updates through custom branded tracking pages and notifications
  • Confirm the accuracy of domestic and international addresses
  • Insure packages against any number of pitfalls

Using EasyPost’s label creation API, XPS Ship has also seen a dramatic increase in speed. While the ability to print shipping labels is not unique, EasyPost delivers extremely fast results. With their previous provider, XPS Ship customers could only create labels once every five to six seconds.

With EasyPost’s label creation API, XPS Ship customers can now create labels in 350 milliseconds, over 14 times faster. This saves time and allows XPS Ship customers to get more packages out the door. Then, EasyPost’s tracking API helps XPS Ship and its customers keep track throughout the entire shipping process.

Thanks to EasyPost’s API, XPS Ship is now shipping over 1 million packages per month through their USPS volume alone.

It’s incredible to see the strides XPS Ship is already making after integrating with us, said Wyatt Kincaid, Solutions Engineer. XPS Ship will be able to bring on even more high-volume customers now that the integration is complete, and EasyPost is excited to play a role in this wave of continued success.

A Partnership Built for Success

When XPS Ship partners with EasyPost, everyone wins. XPS Ship customers continue to enjoy the simple, effective application that consolidates their shipping operations while simultaneously benefitting from the powerful, reliable, robust back-end operations of EasyPost.

The future is bright for the partnership between EasyPost and XPS Ship, as they have also signed a long-term agreement that also includes coverage for USPS Priority Mail insurance claims. EasyPost makes it easy to submit claims for lost packages on behalf of XPS Ship, allowing them to capitalize on the $100 of insurance that comes with each package.

Whether you need help with tracking packages, integrating an API key, or want to provide reliable delivery dates to your customers, EasyPost can help.

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