Shipping via DHL SmartMail with EasyPost

EasyPost is a multi-carrier shipping solution. The EasyPost API is one integration point for 100+ carriers, including DHL SmartMail. All DHL SmartMail functionality is accessible using the EasyPost API. EasyPost standardizes the inconsistencies across carrier APIs with its RESTful interface.

For access to all of the DHL SmartMail API functionality through EasyPost, just sign up or get in touch with one of our shipping experts.

Thinking of integrating with the DHL directly to ship with DHL SmartMail? There are a number of points to consider that affect cost, performance, and integration times.

First off, the DHL API is a SOAP / XML API. This can introduce problems of its own when attempting to parse responses from their API. Like all major carriers, DHL doesn't have an intuitive API that developers can immediately build an integration with.

Additionally, DHL doesn't provide any supported client libraries for any of their APIs. Regardless your programming language, you'll need to write your own client library to support it.

Info about the DHL SmartMail API can be found on the DHL Integrated Shipping Solutions page. It often takes at least a week to get access to their API, so prepare to wait a bit.

Dealing with DHL directly can take you up to three months to get up and running, if you're lucky. That's where EasyPost comes in.

EasyPost is a multi-carrier API with quick technical support and client libraries for all major programming languages.

The EasyPost API offers the following DHL SmartMail service levels:

  • BPM Expedited Domestic
  • BPM Ground Domestic
  • Flats Expedited Domestic
  • Flats Ground Domestic
  • Media Mail Ground Domestic
  • Parcel Plus Expedited Domestic
  • Parcel Plus Ground Domestic
  • Parcels Expedited Domestic
  • Parcels Ground Domestic
  • Marketing Parcel Expedited Domestic
  • Marketing Parcel Ground Domestic
  • Business Canada Lettermail International
  • Business IPA International
  • Business ISAL International
  • Business Priority International
  • Business Standard International
  • Direct Canada Admail International
  • Direct Priority International
  • Direct Standard International
  • Others International
  • Packet Plus International
  • Parcel Canada Parcel Priority International
  • Parcel Canada Parcel Standard International
  • Parcel Priority International
  • Parcel Priority Track and Trace International
  • Parcel Standard International
  • Publication CanadaPublicationInternational
  • Publication Priority International
  • Publication Standard International
Tracking Packages

Track packages across all major carriers.

Address Verification

Validate domestic and international addresses.

International & Customs

Learn how to handle international shipping seamlessly.

Shipping Insurance

Shipping insurance for all items sent with EasyPost.

EasyPost: Built for Developers

  • USPS Commercial Plus Pricing on ALL accounts
  • Instant Access to USPS, UPS, FedEx, and DHL & more
  • Try EasyPost for FREE, No Upfront Costs
  • Clients Libraries for .Net, Java, Ruby, Python, Node, and PHP
  • Millions of packages shipped each month using EasyPost!
# Create To and From Addresses
from_address = EasyPost::Address.create(...)
to_address = EasyPost::Address.create(...)

# Create Shipment and Get Rates
shipment = EasyPost::Shipment.create(
  from_address: from_address,
  to_address: to_address,
  parcel: {
    predefined_package: 'Parcel',
    weight: 32.8

# Buy Shipping Label shipment.lowest_rate())

Leading Companies Rely on EasyPost


QALO uses EasyPost to automate their returns for an unbeatable customer experience.


With EasyPost's API, Expedited Passports & Visas cut their operational load in half.


Casper sped up their European launch thanks to EasyPost's support of over 30+ European carriers.

EasyPost in the News

Let's Compare the EasyPost API with the DHL SmartMail via EasyPost

FeatureDHL SmartMail via EasyPostEasyPost API
RESTful JSON check
SOAP / XML check
DHL eCommerce check
DHL Express check
DHL SmartMail check check
Tracking API with Webhooks check
Multi-Carrier API check
Fast and Free Technical Support check
Public Documentation and Tutorials check
Instant API Access check
Ruby Gem check
Python Module check
Java Library check
Node.js Module check
.NET Library check
PHP Library check

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