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Linnworks connects, manages and automates commerce operations, powering businesses to sell wherever their customers are and capture every revenue opportunity.

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Linnworks helps you grow, automate and control your business, meeting customers exactly where they are and capturing every revenue opportunity. The cloud-based software seamlessly connects and automates all of the processes related to multichannel selling, allowing businesses to manage their inventory, orders and fulfillment from a single dashboard.

Multichannel integration

Linnworks allows businesses to sell on 65+ marketplaces worldwide, integrate all selling channels into one central system, and create and manage bulk listings to core selling channels.

Order management

Eliminate over 90% of the daily "busy work" associated with managing and fulfilling orders. Automate workflows for order management with rule-based actions.

Shipping and fulfillment

Linnworks is integrated with 50+ shipping carriers worldwide. Businesses can pick, pack and print labels in bulk, create custom rules to automate carrier selection, automatically create shipping manifests, and monitor shipping information in real-time.

Inventory management

Sync inventory across multiple channels (ecommerce + marketplaces). Automate and control your inventory, store extensive product data, translations, pricing, and images.

Warehouse management

Linnworks gives businesses the ability to transfer products between multiple warehouses. They provide full control over warehouse processes from stock in, picking, packing, and dispatch. And provide multiple locations within the warehouse for stock.

Stock control

Linnworks stocktakes to keep stock alignment across multiple warehouses and channels. The stocktake and count functionality is available on the go and can help anticipate product demand and manage stock forecasting. Their mobile application aids the pick, pack, and dispatch process. Businesses can create and track POs, and manage suppliers with lead times, costs, and currencies.


Analyze performance within Linnworks to make better business decisions, and build custom reports using order and inventory data.


Linnworks has bespoke customization projects supported by dedicated Linnworks resources. Their open API can connect to a variety of existing business software.

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Through EasyPost, small businesses access USPS Commercial Pricing and UPS marketplace rates for domestic and international shipments. Spend less on shipping with trusted carriers using our Create Label interface.

Flexible Shipping APIs for any online merchant

EasyPost's best-in-class Shipping APIs provide end-to-end flexibility and more control over parcel shipping and logistics processes for:

  • Ecommerce retailers
  • Fulfillment centers
  • Marketplaces
  • Enterprises
  • And more!

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Save up to 88% on retail rates using our modern Shipping API, Tracking API, and Address Verification API for USPS, FedEx, UPS, DHL, and many more.