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Marco Raye

Transforming Your Brand With Eco-Friendly Packaging

by Marco Raye
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Our planet is sick. As much innovation and beauty as we humans bring to Earth, we’re also responsible for planetary crimes including poisoning her oceans with copious amounts of plastic and waste, burning her natural lands to harvest resources and make way for concrete jungles, and infecting her airways with toxic gases that return to our lungs and make us sick. Depending on your package volume per month, you could be unintentionally contributing to a global crisis.

So, how can your business help to break this vicious cycle? By making conscious efforts and well-calculated decisions to reduce your brand’s carbon footprint and overall waste production, beginning with the packaging you use to ship your products. This article addresses the top reasons why you should be going green with eco-friendly packaging, and how EasyPost empowers companies to transition to a more sustainable operation.

Why You Need to Use Eco-Friendly Packaging Today

Using green packaging not only shrinks your business’ ecological footprint — helping to save the planet — but it can also save you money while adding positive attributes to your brand. By design, eco-friendly packaging is significantly less bulky and biodegradable. Typically made using compostable materials or recycled materials and through environmentally friendly methods, eco-friendly packaging helps to prevent millions of tons of methane and carbon dioxide from entering the air we breathe.

Below are some additional reasons why your business should go green today:

Get Package Perfect with Arka

You can get started with Arka through an order as small as 10 eco-friendly boxes made here in the USA. Below are a few more benefits of designing your packaging with Arka:

  • Reduced Shipping Costs: Reduced operational costs await you. Due to the minimalist design of most eco-friendly packaging, it’s less bulky and made with fewer materials, meaning it weighs less and requires less space during transit. What does that mean for your business? The best three words: more affordable shipping.
  • Reduced Waste: Help end the madness that is overflowing landfills. There is a direct link between ecommerce businesses and the significant amounts of pure waste hitting our landfills today. As the preference for online shopping steadily increases, so does the amount of packaging consumers receive and discard. In fact, according to the Rubiconopens in new tab, “The United States throws away $11.4 billion worth of recyclable containers and packaging every year.” Containers made of recyclable or compostable materials are significantly easier to dispose of. Besides, even if this type of packaging ends up in a landfill, it will decompose much faster than it’s non-biodegradable family members.
  • Improved Brand Image: Never underestimate how many factors consumers take into consideration before supporting your company. Are your products cruelty-free? Sustainably produced? Ethically traded? Are you a Certified B Corporation? Many consumers today seek out businesses that are privy to the environmental state of affairs and playing an active role in reducing their negative impact on the environment. Make your business more visible within your market by committing to the use of eco-friendly packaging and help your customers feel better about buying from you.
  • Packaging Versatility: At one point in time, the spectrum of eco-friendly packaging was quite limited. Since becoming a celebrated trend, business owners can seek out eco-friendly packaging in nearly every industry using conventional packaging today. With environmentally friendly packaging materials, you can package and ship bags, books, clothing, supplements, electronics, clothing, or almost anything else you can imagine in a way that helps your business satisfy its environmental responsibilities.

Using Eco-Friendly Packaging with EasyPost

Being that we work in an industry that is a leading contributor to the global waste production, it’s our responsibility that we bring light to this issue and advocate for environmental sustainability. Where does EasyPost come into play when it comes to your business and eco-friendly packaging? Through our Order Fulfillment Optimization. EasyPost provides 100% recyclable packaging materials to all Fulfillment customers. In addition to eco-friendly materials, the boxes used in our fulfillment centers are all manufactured in the USA.

In addition to our Fulfillment centers, we also have a partnership with Arkaopens in new tab, who is an expert leader in custom packaging. Part of the reason we partnered with Arka is that they source recyclable material for their boxes and practice certified clean processes in their facilities. It’s important that we help our customers gain as much access to eco-friendly materials as possible, so teaming up with Arka was the next best solution for all. Click the link above to receive a 10% coupon code for your first order with Arka!

EasyPost: Helping Your Business Save The Earth

The push to help the planet never ends. Today you learned that if your online business is not considering the adoption of eco-friendly packaging that you’re contributing to a larger picture problem that affects us all. Not only that, but you could also be forgoing an opportunity to redefine your business as not only a quality product provider but also an agent for positive change in the world.

If you have any questions about eco-friendly packaging or how EasyPost can help your business make a transition both your customers and the Earth benefit from, contact us today!