EasyPost Fulfillment

EasyPost provides a simple, efficient, tech-forward solution for all fulfillment needs. From warehousing to receiving, pick-packing and shipping, we can do it all for one flat, per-package fee. There are no hidden costs and you pay nothing until you ship a package.

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Simple Pricing

No storage fees, receiving fees or pick-pack fees. We charge one low rate per package shipped.

Flexible Fulfillment

Customize your fulfillment to fit your needs. Our workflows are configurable, giving you more freedom with your fulfillment.

Latest Technology

We’re a tech company at our core, and we use the latest in data science, robotic automation and our proprietary API technology to power our fulfillment solution.

Fulfillment Is Supposed To Be This Easy

The average brand spends up to 25% of their revenue on fulfillment, most of which is spent on unnecessary fees or outdated fulfillment practices. The average fulfillment partner relies on traditional logistics thinking to get your packages to your customers. EasyPost Fulfillment does things a little differently.

EasyPost Fulfillment leverages cutting-edge technology to automate the majority of our fulfillment processes, from our Shipping API that handles last-mile delivery to our fulfillment robotics that handle our pick-packing. All of these add up to power a robust fulfillment service that works better and costs less than anything else on the market today.

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Our Happy Customers

EasyPost have been great partners in 3PL since Day One. Their strong, automation-focused services mean we don't have to think about daily shipping needs... and where thinking is required, they've got a team of courteous, helpful professionals standing behind those services for us. It's been an all-around pleasure working with them.

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