Our 3pl fulfillment partners will reduce your costs and workload

At EasyPost, we are focused on our Shipping API product. Our flexible solution is adaptable for a number of business uses, including 3rd and 4th party logistics platforms (3PLs and 4PLs). If you’re looking for an order fulfillment partner who can receive, warehouse, pick-pack, and ship your inventory for you, we can match you with the right provider through our diverse fulfillment network.

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Finding the Right Fit

Based on your unique shipping needs, we’ll recommend the best 3PLs and 4PLs to utilize for your business.

Grow Your Business

Spend more time growing your eCommerce business and less time processing orders. By outsourcing your shipping logistics, you’ll save on overhead cost, maintenance fees, and time.


We’re a tech company at our core, and we use the latest in data science and our proprietary API technology to power our fulfillment partners.

Fulfillment services are supposed to be this modern

The average order fulfillment partner relies on traditional logistics thinking to get your packages to your customers. Our fulfillment partners are far from average, because at their core is a tech-forward shipping infrastructure. With EasyPost’s Shipping API powering them on the backend, our partners leverage modern, flexible technology to automate the majority of their fulfillment processes — meaning a simpler path is available for your packages to get from warehouse to the doorstep of your customer.

Looking for a Shipping Fulfillment Center to manage your inventory and process your orders? Our dedicated team of 3PL fulfillment services experts will help identify the right fit for your business so your inventory can find a new place to call home. So, whether you’re looking for fulfillment for small business, fulfillment for e-commerce or whatever your 3PL fulfillment needs are, our partners can help.

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