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Kelly Berbert

A Better Way to Do Returns: EasyPost’s USPS Pay-on-Delivery

by Kelly Berbert
Person writing label on a package

With the increase in online purchases comes the inevitable increase in returns. At least 30% of all products ordered online are returned as compared to only 8% of products purchased in-store. Therefore, implementing a returns shipping solution that is both cost-efficient and customer-centric has become increasingly important for ecommerce businesses.

Luckily, EasyPost offers USPS Pay-on-Delivery Returns — a fully-integrated returns shipping solution that makes handling returns easier and more affordable, all while providing an ideal returns shipping experience for your customers. Here are the perks:

Unused Labels Don’t Cost a Thing

Say you provide a customer a return shipping label, but the customer doesn’t actually end up using it. Does that mean you just wasted your money purchasing a return label? Not with USPS Pay-on-Delivery Returns! With this returns program, you don’t pay for the labels until the shipment is actually delivered back to your business. With no upfront cost, you don't have to worry about paying for any unused return labels.

You Can Do Returns Your Way

Due to the financial flexibility that USPS Pay-on-Delivery Returns provides, you can provide your customers with return shipping labels whenever it makes the most sense for your business. Want to provide a return shipping label only upon customer request? You can do that. Want to proactively include a return shipping label with every outbound shipment? You can do that too! Sometimes it makes sense to give your customer the ease of access to a return label upon receiving the package. Either way, the choice is yours and the cost is the same.

You Never Overpay

Person holding package ready to be shipped

Since you are billed for the return labels after USPS has already delivered the shipment, there will only be a single charge for the shipment based on the true shipping weight and transit data. Say that welcomed “goodbye” to hassling with billing adjustments and payment reconciliation. Until the return shipment is delivered, you don’t pay a dime, and when you do pay, it’s at USPS competitive prices!

Do you do returns? Our customers, big and small, have enjoyed the hassle-free, cost-saving benefits of USPS Pay-on-Delivery Returns. Existing EasyPost users can contact your Customer Success manager to get started. If you’re new to EasyPost, talk to our team of experts.

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