Pay-on-Delivery Returns with USPS

EasyPost offers you USPS Pay-on-Delivery Returns so that you can make returns easy on you AND your customers. Enjoy the flexibility in deciding when and how to send return labels to customers without worrying about the added costs or future payment reconciliations needed for unused labels. Save money. Save time. Save the hassle.

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A better returns process

Spend less

Pay for return labels upon delivery. This ensures you only pay for the labels that you actually use.

Eliminate complexity

Charges are always based on true shipping weight, so there’s no hassling with payment reconciliation and billing adjustments.

Satisfy customers

Send return labels when it best fits your customers’ needs and never worry about wasted spend on unused return labels.

A cost-saving solution

Don't worry about paying for unused labels. With USPS Pay-on-Delivery Returns, you only pay for the label when the return shipment gets delivered back to you, not when the label is created. Only pay for what you use and when you use them.

Smarter return shipping

Depending on the returns experience you want to give your customers, create a return label only upon customer request or proactively include a return label with every outbound shipment. The choice is yours, and the price is the same.

Simple setup

Getting set up on USPS Pay-on-Delivery Returns can be as simple as a few clicks. No extra engineering work required. Whatever your shipping needs, our specialized team of USPS Services is here to help you.

Shippers like you use USPS Pay-on-Delivery Returns

Because it's cost-efficient, flexible, and makes the returns experience simpler, USPS Pay-on-Delivery Returns is the returns solution of choice for many of our shippers on the EasyPost platform.

Your first $250 is on us. Start shipping today!