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USPS Pay-on-Delivery Returns with EasyPost

EasyPost offers USPS Pay-on-Delivery Returns (PoD) to make returns easy on you AND your customers. With PoD, you don't have to pay postage fees on your USPS return label until the return package is actually delivered back to you. At that time, USPS will determine the actual weight1 of the package. Returns also come with $100 USPS shipping insurance for free, and you can always purchase additional insurance through EasyPost. Modernize your returns process with USPS and EasyPost.

Get $100 after you spend $100.* Start shipping today!

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A better returns process

Efficient returns

Pay for return labels upon delivery, ensuring you only pay for the labels that you actually use and skip the billing adjustments.

QR code labels

Customers can show the USPS Label Broker® QR Code to a clerk at their local Post Office and USPS will print their return label for them.

Satisfied customers

Reassure all customers with an accessible returns process through labels or QR codes, so they can shop with confidence.

Returns that fit your business

Depending on the returns experience you want to give your customers, create a return label only upon customer request or proactively include them with every outbound shipment. The choice is yours, and the price is the same. If your business expects returns, you can streamline your service with USPS Pay-on-Delivery Returns:

  • Apparel
  • Home try-on kits
  • Medical tests
  • Rental services

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Supported Pay-on-Delivery services

Supported service levels
Supported Predefined Packages (Parcel Type)

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How to get started

Sign up with EasyPost

Sign up free for an EasyPost account or talk to a shipping expert to get started today.

Set up USPS PoD

Reach out to EasyPost to create a UspsReturns account. Add USPS Label Broker® for QR code functionality.

Enjoy simpler returns

Provide customers with easy to use return shipping labels and save on unused postage.

Shippers like you use USPS Pay-on-Delivery Returns

Because it's cost-efficient, flexible, and makes the returns experience simpler, USPS Pay-on-Delivery Returns is the returns solution of choice for many of our shippers on the EasyPost platform. Get started today and enjoy an easier returns process for your business and customers.

1 USPS assesses postage amount based on weight, dimensions, and other attributes captured from the actual package. If the USPS cannot capture the physical attributes of their shipment, they will use the average cost of your past returns shipments to determine postage.

Get $100 after you spend $100.* Start shipping today!

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