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Lori Boyer

EasyPost Wins FedEx Compatible Solution of the Year

by Lori Boyer

Have you heard the big news? EasyPost has been selected as the FedEx 2023 Compatible Solution of the Year. Woohoo!

The 2023 Compatible Solution of the Year honor comes on the heels of 2022, when we won the FedEx Compatible Envision Award, spotlighting the highest-performing new solution provider in the FedEx Compatible Tier Program. In addition, EasyPost was awarded FedEx Compatible Program Diamond status.

What is the FedEx Compatible Solution of the Year?

FedEx knows that today’s modern businesses use a variety of software to make their operations run smoothly. FedEx Compatible software solutions smoothly integrate with FedEx to provide access to shipping and other services a business wants. To make the process of finding the right integrations easier, FedEx created tiers of excellence so businesses gain insight into which software solutions are likely to give them a seamless process when using FedEx.

Each year, FedEx evaluates nearly 100 compatible solutions based on a variety of different criteria. Although all FedEx Compatible software solutions are highly recommended by FedEx, those solutions that earn a place in the FedEx Compatible Tier Program at either the Diamond or Platinum level have gone above and beyond to exemplify the program standards. Program engagement, software adoption, year-over-year growth, and overall FedEx feature support are a few of the many areas that are taken into consideration.

In addition, FedEx awards one outstanding solution provider in the FedEx Compatible Tier Program for going above and beyond program expectations as the FedEx Compatible Solution of the Year. And this year, it was EasyPost!

How can you take advantage of FedEx through EasyPost?

You can get started using FedEx shipping through EasyPost today! Simply use your current FedEx account or create one at

Once you've created your FedEx account (or if you already have one), add the account and address information in your EasyPost account. If you don't have an EasyPost account, you can create one for free! Click here to learn more. Please note that the FedEx account data you enter is validated with FedEx, in order for us to obtain certified account credentials for you.