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Lori Boyer

10 “Home Alone” Lessons To Protect Your Shipments This Holiday Season

by Lori Boyer

Hey all you holiday shippers and merry merchants! You know how in the movie "Home Alone," young Kevin McCallister turns his house into a fortress of booby traps to thwart burglars? Well, your warehouse might not need paint cans swinging from the ceiling or heated door handles, but let's dig into some Home Alone-inspired strategies to keep your shipments as safe as Kevin kept his house!

1. The paint can: physical barriers

Remember the iconic scene where Kevin swings paint cans to keep the burglars at bay? In the real world, the equivalent would be installing barriers like gates and fences around your shipping area. These physical barriers serve as the first line of defense against unwanted entry.

Tip: Invest in solid fencing material and an electronic gate system with secure access codes to monitor who comes and goes.

2. The tarantula: surprise inspections

Just like the creepy-crawlies that make burglars shriek, surprise inspections can have a similar effect on would-be warehouse infiltrators.

Tip: Regular, unannounced security checks can deter internal and external theft. Even better if you employ third-party security services for an unbiased assessment.

3. The BB Gun: advanced surveillance

While we don't recommend wielding a BB gun in your warehouse, high-quality surveillance cameras are a must. Video evidence can prove invaluable in identifying and prosecuting thieves.

Tip: Go for high-definition cameras with night vision and motion detection features.

4. The hot door knob: alarm systems

When Marv tries to enter through the front door, he gets a sizzling surprise. An advanced alarm system can serve the same purpose by sounding an alert if there's an unauthorized entry or tampering with shipments.

Tip: Select alarm systems that can be integrated with your phone or other smart devices, so you're immediately notified of any issues.

5. The broken ornaments: inventory tracking

The broken ornaments slowed Harry and Marv down by making the floor treacherous. Similarly, precise inventory tracking can catch discrepancies before they become significant losses.

Tip: Implement real-time inventory tracking solutions that notify you the moment an item is missing or out-of-place.

6. The feather and fan: visibility and branding

Just like Kevin uses feathers to mark his adversaries, distinctive branding can deter would-be thieves who are less likely to risk stealing packages that are easily identifiable.

Tip: Custom packaging or easily recognizable security tapes can help you and the authorities identify your packages more quickly.

7. Micro machines: streamline and organization

Those tiny cars caused a big slip-up! In your case, disorganization can cause just as many issues. A well-organized shipping area minimizes opportunities for theft simply because it's easier to notice when something is awry.

Tip: Use shelving, racks, and clear labeling to keep everything in its place.

8. The zip line: quick and reliable transportation

Kevin used a zip line to escape; you can use reliable and vetted carriers to ensure your packages escape theft and reach their destinations safely.

Tip: Always review and vet your carriers. Look for those with a strong track record for security and reliability.

9. The "Home Alone" safe: insurance and package protection

Remember how Kevin had a safe where he tried to lock away his valuables? Think of insurance and package protection as your shipping "safe." It's the cushion you need for those "just in case" moments.

Tip: Offering comprehensive insurance and package protection can provide peace of mind to both you and your customers. If something does go missing or gets damaged, you're covered. It's an added layer of security that can make all the difference in the world during the chaotic holiday season.

10. Window film and shattered dreams

Lastly, consider using security window film for any glass panels in your shipping area. It won't stop a brick like the one Kevin used, but it could deter or slow down a potential intruder.

Tip: Security films are available in varying thicknesses and can also provide additional benefits like insulation or UV protection.

So there you have it, your "Home Alone" inspired guide to shipping security. Maybe you won't have to set up a zip line or scatter broken ornaments on the floor, but with these tips, you'll fortify your shipping operations against the hazards of the holiday season. Stay safe, and happy shipping!