Unlock Savings with a Personalized Carrier Audit

After years of working with a wide variety of shippers, we noticed a trend - most of our customers could experience huge savings simply by optimizing their use of different carriers. That’s why we created our FREE Carrier Audit.  Let our experts show you where you can save.

Why Do I Need a Carrier Audit?

Spending unnecessarily drains your profits. With EasyPost's Carrier Audit, we pinpoint where you're overspending and how you can save. We consider factors such as your current carriers, service levels, zones, time in transit, and more, ensuring you get tailored recommendations.

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What Information Will You Need?

You’ll work with our data analysis team to find out where and how you can save. Simply share some basic information and we’ll let you know where you could save. 

Needed information included:

  • Carrier Name
  • Service Level (ground, 2-day, int'l, ect.)
  • Zone
  • Origin Zip
  • Destination Zip
  • Length
  • Width 
  • Height
  • Weight
  • Rate ($ amount)

Why Choose EasyPost?

We're more than a logistics company. We're your partner in smart, strategic decision-making. We provide clear insights to help you optimize your shipping strategy and focus on what really matters - your core business.