Shipping Optimization API: SmartRate

SmartRate is our patented shipment-level optimization API. You can leverage SmartRate to save money, ship faster, or both! Contact us today to learn more about SmartRate or read our documentation and guide to get started.


potential savings per shipment optimized with the API


of shipments could have arrived on time with a cheaper service level


of shipments return information from the API


minutes or less to implement the API into production

SmartRate: The original shipment optimization API

SmartRate allows you to optimize your shipping for on-time delivery and cost! All you have to do is call the SmartRate API with your EasyPost shipment_id, choose the rate that best suits your needs, and ship away.

  • Our simplest endpoint to get started with.
  • Optimized for business days. We recommend users keep holidays and weekends in mind.

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Delivery Date Estimator: Boost your shopping cart

Delivery Date Estimator takes SmartRate a step further with AI-supported shipment optimization. This endpoint provides a more accurate response by accounting for varying transit trends associated with each day of the week, and requires an EasyPost shipment_id and your parcel’s planned_ship_date. Additionally, you’ll receive an estimated delivery date in the API response that you can pass through to upgrade your shopping cart experience.

  • More granular shipment optimization that accounts for weekends and holidays. We do the math so you don’t have to.
  • Improve accuracy by accounting for the exact date in the API response.
  • Estimated delivery dates are provided with every API call.

Precision Shipping: Arrive just in time

Precision Shipping is our newest branch of SmartRate and enables you to identify the right shipping strategy to have your parcel arrive just in time. This endpoint requires an EasyPost shipment_id and your parcel’s desired_delivery_date. In the API response you’ll receive an estimated parcel ship date to guide you on how to meet your shipping goals.

  • Ideal SmartRate endpoint for businesses who need to have their parcels delivered on a specific date, not a day early and not a day late. Examples include gifts, holidays, birthdays, and other special occasions. Find the right service level for you with just one API call.

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Tailored for your specific needs

Built for better shipping

Our SmartRate API enhances our Shipping API to improve our customers’ shipping strategy.

Flexible solutions

The SmartRate API is highly customizable and can be built to solve your unique problems.

Dedicated support

Our Solutions Engineering team can consult on optimal implementations and help you get started.

Frequently asked questions

How do I know SmartRate is right for my business?

SmartRate is an amazing solution for all businesses shipping within the domestic US. Shipment optimization can improve your key shipping metrics including cost, on-time delivery, or both. If you want to refine your shipping strategy, our original SmartRate API is a great place to start.

Which SmartRate endpoint should I use?

Today we have three SmartRate API endpoints to support our users with their unique shipping needs. We recommend reviewing each one and implementing the ones that are right for your individual use case. If you still aren’t sure, feel free to reach out to our team of shipping experts and they’ll be happy to assist you.

  • SmartRate: Great for all businesses who want to get started with optimizing their shipping in general. SmartRate requires the least amount of user input. We recommend users who do not know their parcel’s ship date or desired delivery date leverage the SmartRate endpoint.
  • Delivery Date Estimator: Great for businesses who know the planned ship date for their parcels, such as having recurring scheduled carrier pickups, and want more granular optimization, including an estimated delivery date. We recommend users who know their parcel’s ship date leverage the Delivery Date Estimator.
  • Precision Shipping: Great for businesses who want to prioritize their parcels arriving on a specific date. We recommend users who know their exact desired delivery date leverage the Precision Shipping endpoint.

Where can I find the API documentation?

You can find all of our SmartRate API documentation here. There is also an API guide and support articles to help you.

Can I test SmartRate?

Yes! All EasyPost users are welcome to test the SmartRate API for free. Please reach out to our team of shipping experts to start testing the API.

What if I don't create labels with EasyPost today?

The Standalone SmartRate API is an alternative to our original SmartRate API for shippers who don’t have an EasyPost shipment_id for their parcels. Please reach out to our team of shipping experts

I have more questions about SmartRate that are not covered here. Where can I learn more?

Ready for a demo or have additional questions? Reach out to our team of shipping experts and they’ll be happy to answer any questions you have and help get you started. You can also visit our Help Center here.

Better shipping in just three steps

Integrate the API

Implement our SmartRate API using our documentation here.

Call SmartRate

Call the SmartRate API for any given shipment you want to optimize.

Save money and ship faster

Select a cheaper service level that will arrive on-time.

The easiest multi-carrier shipping API on the market

Unlock access to a massive carrier network and awesome rate comparison tools with EasyPost.

Getting started with SmartRate is fast and easy!

Take a look at our documentation or guide and start building with one of our helper libraries (Python, PHP, Ruby, Node.js and more). Implementing the SmartRate API can be done in just a few minutes, and you can reach out to our experienced Customer Support Team with any questions you have along the way.

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