Shipping Optimization API: SmartRate

SmartRate provides shippers with highly accurate shipment-level transit time predictions based on historical carrier performance. Our ability to access and analyze billions of shipments across all major and regional carriers allows us to use that data to help customers save money, ship faster, or both. Get one year free if you implement before July 1!

Data-backed shipment optimization


Cut needless shipping costs

Identify the lowest-cost carrier service that meets your transit time criteria for every shipment.


Improve to 90%+ on-time delivery

Improve to 90% on-time delivery metrics or better using our data-backed API rather than carrier estimates.


Publish accurate transit times

Publish accurate transit times for your shipping options to your end customers.


Seamless implementation

The SmartRate API was modeled after our Shipping API so implementation is quick and painless.


potential savings per shipment optimized with the API


of shipments could have arrived on time with a cheaper service level


of shipments return data from the API

1 billion

shipments powering every data-backed optimization

Getting started is fast and easy!

Implementing the SmartRate API can be done in just a few minutes, and you can reach out to our experienced Customer Support Team with any questions you have along the way. Get one year free if you implement before July 1!