Streamline Your Logistics and Achieve Net Zero Carbon Emissions

100% Carbon Neutral Shipping With EasyPost

Businesses everywhere are grappling with both sustainability challenges and regulatory pressures. We’ve taken the initiative to make sustainable shipping easy for our customers. All shipments processed via EasyPost Shipping API are 100% carbon neutral.

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Introducing our carbon neutral initiative

We make it easy for you to reduce the carbon footprint of your shipping—and you don't have to lift a finger. We'll calculate the emissions and purchase the carbon credits, and you can let your customers know you care about the environment.

The current climate in shipping

Getting your products to your customers is an essential part of your business. Unfortunately, all that shipping takes a toll on our planet. Let’s take a look at our current shipping climate: 

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How EasyPost supports businesses

When you choose EasyPost, you're not only streamlining your shipping processes. You're championing a more sustainable future without incurring any added expenses.

Automatic Carbon Offset

With every shipment made through EasyPost, the carbon emissions will be automatically compensated with legitimate, verified sustainability endeavors at no cost to you.

Smaller Carbon Footprint

Our carbon neutral shipping will help you meet goals to reduce your carbon footprint and become more sustainable as expected by your customers.

Website Badge

As an EasyPost client, you can download our carbon-neutral shipper badge to show your customers that your shipping is 100% carbon neutral.

Download your carbon neutral shipping badge

As an EasyPost customer, you’re welcome to put our 100% Free Carbon Neutral Shipping badge on your website to show your commitment to sustainability. Your customers will know that the carbon emissions of every package you send have been offset by carbon credits. 

You can put the badge in the bottom footer of your website and use it on PDFs or other printed documents. When used on a printed document, please include the following statement: 

“One hundred percent of the carbon emissions from every package we ship through EasyPost Shipping API has been offset by EasyPost through the purchase of certified carbon credits.”  

Email us at for more information.

How it works

Calculate Carbon Emissions

We will automatically calculate the carbon emissions for each shipment.

Purchase Carbon Credits

We will purchase carbon credits on your behalf from the United Nations carbon offsets platform.

Achieve Sustainable Shipping

All of your shipments made through EasyPost will be carbon neutral.

Frequently asked questions

How does EasyPost offset carbon emissions for shipments?

EasyPost has partnered with certified carbon offset providers. When you create a shipment label, we automatically calculate the carbon emissions associated with your shipment and purchase carbon offsets equivalent to those emissions on your behalf.

Do I need to pay extra for carbon offsetting?

No, carbon offsetting is an integral part of our service and is available to all EasyPost users at no additional cost. It's our commitment to sustainability.

Are the carbon offset projects verified and credible?

Yes, EasyPost partners with reputable carbon offset providers with transparent verification processes to maintain credibility.

How can I get started with automatic carbon offsetting through EasyPost?

Getting started is easy. Simply sign in to your EasyPost account, create a shipment label, and EasyPost will take care of the rest, automatically offsetting the carbon emissions associated with your shipment. 

Will both EasyPost and EasyPost Enterprise shipments be fully carbon neutral?

All shipments that go through the EasyPost Shipping API are fully carbon neutral.

Sustainable Shipping with EasyPost

Let's journey together toward a greener tomorrow. Make all your shipments eco-friendly with EasyPost.

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