Address Verification API

Address Verification can improve overall deliverability of your packages by 62 percent, acting as a safeguard against errors that send packages awry. With EasyPost, you can get instant access to our fully-covered US Address Verification, and our fast-growing International Address Verification.

Free with Shipping

If you sign up for our Shipping API, you also get full access to our Address Verification API for free.

Full Domestic Coverage

We can verify any U.S. address to the unit level, and flag addresses as residential or commercial.

Best International Coverage

We can verify addresses in any country as part of the largest AVS coverage network in the market.

Start Verifying Addresses in Minutes

Most address verification services specialize in regions. As you can imagine, it's tough for any one provider to know every address on every corner in every city on Earth.

But with EasyPost, we aggregate and leverage as much data as possible to create one large international network that improves upon itself. We have complete coverage of the United States and ever growing coverage internationally. We operate in every country, with our granularity reaching down to the unit level in many countries. And unlike most address verification services, our Address Verification API can start working for you with just a day's worth of development.

Simply put, nobody has the reach or reliability of our Address Verification API. Improve deliverability and increase customer confidence by running your addresses through EasyPost.

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