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Hilary Goldberg

Data Policy Updates

by Hilary Goldberg

EasyPost's engineering team is dedicated to providing our users with the most secure and efficient platform to optimize shipping. To that end, we will be updating our data retention protocols in the coming weeks.

We'll be updating our retention windows according to the following timelines:

  • Shipment Objects: 3 years
  • Postage Labels: 3 years
  • Purchased Rates: 3 years
  • Trackers and Status Details: 2 years
  • Un-purchased Rates: 90 days
  • Events and Event Payloads: 30 days

We've made a conscious effort to create a strategy that has minimal impact and will give our users ample time to access the data they need. If you have concerns about how you will be affected please reach out to as soon as possible. We're excited to show you what else we have in store!

Details about our retention policies can always be found in our Knowledge Base.

Questions on data privacy or GDPR? Check out our updated terms and policies on GDPR and Privacy Shield.