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Jason Stark

Convenient Paperless Shipping Labels with USPS QR Codes

by Jason Stark

What will USPS QR codes do exactly?

The USPS has launched a new feature called 'USPS Label Broker' that will allow customers to send outbound or return label QR codes to your customers via email or mobile app. Your customers can then take the email to a USPS location where the postal workers can scan the QR code off of their phone and generate a shipping label on the spot. No more requiring your customers to print their shipping labels at home which is a huge relief for customers who don’t have printers.

Who can benefit from this?

The reality is that nearly all businesses that ship a physical product will have returns. The most common use case for QR codes is return labels since those are often emailed to the end customer to print themselves. However, QR codes might also be helpful for outbound labels in business models that involve peer-to-peer shipping. Any business that sends shipping labels for their customers to print should take advantage of this new functionality to boost their customer experience. In today’s world, simplifying any process for your customers is essential.

What will they see?

The USPS Label Broker™ messaging to your customer is highly customizable. Through the EasyPost API, you can request a Label Broker ID (a QR code) for a shipment you create. You can then text or email your customers their unique Label Broker ID using the template provided below, which will allow you to keep your branding at the forefront and include additional marketing messaging while delivering a world-class returns experience.

QR code in hand, your customers can go to their participating Post Office, where a USPS representative will scan the ID and print the shipping label at the counter.

QR mobile image

How do I get started?

You can already request QR codes for outbound USPS labels through the EasyPost API. There is no extra cost to use this feature, so you really can start using it today! You can also request QR codes for your USPS Pay-on-Delivery returns labels. However, the USPS Pay on Delivery returns program is not enabled by default, so please reach out to us if you still need to get that setup.

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