Bond with EasyPost

Bond supports full end-to-end brand flow from ecommerce order management to site management, route planning, dispatch, and customer communication. Bond is your ecommerce growth engine, offering fast direct-to-consumer fulfillment, along with access to Bond's state-of-the-art nano distribution centers (NDCs). Break into same-day, consumer-focused shipping with Bond.

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Bond shipping advantages

Same-day delivery

From and to 13+ major US metro areas

Built for ecommerce

DTC fulfillment, with access to state-of-the-art nano distribution centers

Environmentally friendly

Fleets of electric bicycles and vehicles

Hyperlocal, same-day delivery

The Bond Platform enables you to carry out hyperlocal deliveries, allowing for you to utilize on-demand and scheduled deliveries. Small warehouses located in densely populated urban areas provide you the opportunity to be closer to your customers, enabling faster and more efficient delivery.

Turning every order into a delightful delivery

Optimize the customer experience and increase satisfaction with Bond's all-encompassing delivery service. Drive brand awareness and consumer loyalty by providing your customers with the visibility they deserve and the same-day delivery they have always wanted.

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