EasyPost's Carbon Offset API

You can finally take meaningful action on your shipping operation's carbon emissions by using EasyPost's Carbon Offset API. A one-time integration into the API gives shippers the ability to report accurately and offset carbon emissions.

Fill out the form to guarantee early access to the API launching in late Q2 of this year!

EasyPost's philosophy on sustainable shipping

At EasyPost, we aim to make all aspects of shipping easy. We believe that if our customers don't have to spend costly development resources managing their shipping program, they can focus on what really matters, selling their core products. So when we heard our customers were looking to go green and reduce their carbon footprint from their shipping program, we knew we had to make that easy too. We are incredibly proud to be the only shipping API provider that allows customers to calculate and offset carbon emissions.

Carbon neutral shipping at your fingertips

Carbon neutral shipping

Purchase offsets directly through the API to offset 100% of carbon emissions on every shipment

Carbon emissions reports

The API accurately reports carbon emissions for every shipment based on location and carrier service data


Quick integration into the API unlocks your ability to make a massive dent in your carbon footprint

Modernize your brand

Draw more attention and attract more customers by adopting this environmentally-friendly solution

Hit sustainability targets

Neutralize the carbon from your shipping program to easily hit your company's sustainability targets

Access frontier technology

Use EasyPost's partners to access accredited carbon removal developers and the latest technology

2 billion

people made an online purchase in 2020

A 24% increase year over year


of total carbon emissions come from the global supply chain

Growing by 5% every year


reduction in carbon emissions by 2030 required to meet U.S. federal targets

Online shippers will need to play a big role


of companies in 2019 stated sustainability was a very important focus

Up 34% year over year

Purchase offsets and report on your success!

Integrate the API

No contracts or signatures necessary; simply implement the API using our documentation.

Purchase offsets

Use the API to purchase carbon offsets on a subset or all of your shipments.

Report accurately

Use the API to report on the total carbon emissions and the total carbon offset from your shipping program.

Guarantee early access now!

The Carbon Offset API is set to launch in mid-2022. Fill out the form to guarantee early access to the API and we'll email you with the next steps for signing up ahead of the launch.