Teespring Case Study

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Fact Sheet
  • Business: Custom t-shirt design and fulfillment
  • Employees: 70+
  • Website: teespring.com
  • Carriers Used: USPS, USPS International
  • EasyPost APIs Used: Tracking API with Webhooks, Rating API, Customs


Teespring is a crowdfunded ecommerce platform that allows anyone to easily create, design and sell t-shirts. Users can sign up, create a shirt, and then once enough people commit to purchase, the shirts are manufactured and the creator gets a cut of the profits. Since launching just over two years ago, hundreds of thousands of people have used Teespring to design and sell t-shirts.

Building out our shipping systems, particularly generating shipping labels, has been one of our biggest pain points because of the addresses, domestic and international, and the different way people input that information... For a long time it was a developer’s full time job to correct the address inputs.


Teespring CTO and Co-founder

Before EasyPost, Teespring struggled to automate their shipping processes in the same way they'd automated the t-shirt design and creation process. They found existing carrier APIs unwieldly for what they needed to do, and had an engineer working full time just to purchase shipping labels more easily. As their volume grew, shipping continued to eat up more of their time.

Enter: EasyPost

Finally, one of the Teespring engineers started to experiment with EasyPost API. They were able to get started in minutes and found that it did everything they needed. After a few days of development, they were live shipping tens of thousands of packages with the API.

Since integrating, they no longer receive support requests about the status of a shipment. Teespring sends emails to customers with up to date tracking information using EasyPost’s real-time tracking info. Customers no longer have guess where a package is.

They also use EasyPost to ship internationally with no extra integration and save time with EasyPost's customs forms. Rather than filling out forms manually, Teespring sends customs information to EasyPost, where the form is auto-generated and associated with the shipping label.

Teespring continues its impressive growth month over month without the need to further invest in engineering for shipping. EasyPost has allowed them to move faster, scale their business domestically and internationally, and, most importantly, devote more engineers to their core product.

The implementation of EasyPost, compared to the direct integrations we had already done, was dead simple. It took our engineers just a few days to integrate, and this was for a complex shipping integration doing hundreds of thousands of packages each month. That in and of itself is a real testament to the scalability of the EasyPost API. We've more than doubled our shipments through them and it's still going strong.

Offerings like these continue to increase our quality of shipping, meaning more customer satisfaction, while decreasing the amount of time we have to spend on them, which means we can focus on the rest of the experience.


Teespring CEO

Spend less on shipping today

EasyPost's multi-carrier Shipping API includes:
  • USPS Merchant Discount Pricing on ALL accounts
  • Instant access to USPS, UPS, FedEx, DHL, and 100+ carriers
  • Tracking, rating, address verification, and insurance features
  • FREE EasyPost testing with no upfront costs
  • Client libraries for .NET, Java, Ruby, Python, Node, PHP, and Go