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Vital Records Online sees a 400% reduction in costs with EasyPost

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Fact Sheet
  • Customer Since: 2018
  • Business: Ecommerce/records
  • Website:
  • Carriers Used: USPS, FedEx, UPS
  • EasyPost APIs Used: Shipping API, Address Verification API


Vital Records Online (VRO) helps customers order a certified copy of their individual birth, marriage, death, or divorce certificate from any vital records office in the U.S. The company offers an easy-to-use, 100% online process that keeps customer information safe and secure.

They offer two types of assistance services: Do It Yourself and All Inclusive. Their DIY offer provides a customized application package to customers along with prepaid, trackable envelopes to drop in the mailbox. Their All Inclusive service, on the other hand, uses their trained specialists to handle the entire process on their customers' behalf, directly with Health Departments. They also assist their customers with providing and verifying their identity, along with the sometimes needed online notarizations.

On-time, reliable shipping is an essential part of their business. Trained specialists review every application and send a customized application package to customers along with a prepaid, trackable envelope to drop in the mailbox. Customers asking for these vital records need fast, reliable delivery of the documents they request.


As VRO was getting their business up and running, they needed a way to manage multiple carriers and simplify their shipping process. Their team looked into implementing each carrier separately - a laborious process - and they wanted to find a way to identify the least expensive carrier based on customer location. They decided to find a better solution that would help them streamline their shipping process, saving them time and money.


Vital Records Online has been using EasyPost to handle their shipping logistics since they opened their doors in 2018. Their in-house development team uses EasyPost's Shipping API to generate all of their shipping labels from different carriers, including the pre-paid envelopes they send to their customers and shipping labels for their different clients. The EasyPost solution allows them to create and store labels, track their shipments, and handle refund requests with ease. They also use the EasyPost Address Verification API before sending any emails.

Initial integration took about one week for the website and one week with their CRM tools. VRO was able to reduce their development time and cost by eliminating the need to switch between and maintain provider APIs. In addition, they have simplified their development process with one common interface for all providers.

We chose EasyPost for their complete shipping solution. The simplicity of their API integration allowed us to offer new products and services with multiple shipping options to our customers.


Vital Records Online CEO


VRO estimates that they've seen a 400% reduction in development costs with EasyPost's shipping solution. "Shipping is the focal point of our business," said Guillaume. "To have the functionality to generate different shipping levels on our main product makes the experience seamless for us and our customers." They've seen benefits on many levels:

  • 400% reduction in development costs
  • Simplified label generation and shipments management
  • Easy selection of the least expensive carrier based on customer location
  • More accurate address verification


The time and money Vital Records Online has saved using EasyPost allows them to focus on building their business, staying current with their technology, and keeping their customers happy. The business will soon be expanding from documents to packages, and according to Guillaume, EasyPost will be the first place they look to expand their product offering to customers.

EasyPost is a single integration software solution that helps businesses streamline, automate, and gain end-to-end control of their shipping processes.

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