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Same-Day Yamibuy Groceries Delivered through EasyPost

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Fact Sheet
  • Business: Asian-centric International Ecommerce Store
  • Employees: 150+
  • Website:
  • Carriers Used: USPS, FedEx, OnTrac, UPS, Jitsu
  • EasyPost APIs Used: Shipping API, Tracking API, Address Verification API, Insurance API

As consumers’ expectations continue to increase, shipping plays a pivotal role in delivering an impressive customer experience. A recent survey found that 80% of ecommerce shoppers want same- day delivery to be an option at checkout.

Yamibuy, and other early adopters of same- and next- day carriers such as Jitsu, have benefited from better customer retention, increased cart conversions, larger order volumes, and higher customer lifetime values. Ecommerce providers are transforming what has traditionally been a cost driver into a profit center. Having a shipping strategy centered around the ability to deliver products quickly and cheaply helps companies compete against retail giants. Expedited shipping strategies create staying power in the crowded world of online shopping.

When our conversation with Yamibuy started, time was of the essence. It was a huge relief to hear that Yamibuy was already using EasyPost to generate labels. Through EasyPost we are able to begin servicing Yamibuy’s customers within weeks.


Head of Partnerships, Jitsu

The Partnership

Yamibuy is investing heavily in developing its digital strategies and quickly acquiring market share. The COVID-19 pandemic is a digital accelerant and Yamibuy took this opportunity to enable their grocery delivery service to NYC residents. EasyPost allows retailers of all sizes to enable 100+ carriers worldwide, instantly accessing new markets and reaching wider audiences. A common application of our software is same- or next-day enablement, which is what Yamibuy leveraged.

Enable Same-Day Across the United States

EasyPost allows users to enable same-day delivery across the United States through our carrier connections.

Single Integration for Dozens of Carriers

same day access map

For retailers looking to innovate, same- and next- day delivery through EasyPost will provide a leg up on the competition. Early adopters will acquire massive market share in major metros. With a robust network of same- and next-day carriers, products will be shipped to customers who have a delivery address in close proximity — reducing overall transit time and shipping cost.

The EasyPost Shipping API was built to be flexible and scalable. In just two weeks, EasyPost was able to fully onboard all of Yamibuy’s NYC same-day orders with Jitsu. This was done with no degradation of service and led to millions of shipments being delivered to customers in need.

EasyPost has been instrumental in allowing us to consolidate all of our shipping methods under one system. We are excited to use a technology provider that presents non-traditional delivery options like Jitsu. EasyPost allows us to provide same-day delivery seamlessly.


Transportation, Yamibuy

It’s apparent that businesses need innovative shipping strategies to succeed. A major differentiator through shelter-in-place will be how efficient, reliable, and creative your shipping offering is. The EasyPost API helps shippers of all sizes deal with complexities, while delivering the best-in-class shipping and tracking experience. We’re ready to help you get products to the doorsteps of every address in America.

Spend less on shipping today

EasyPost's multi-carrier Shipping API includes:
  • USPS Merchant Discount Pricing on ALL accounts
  • Instant access to USPS, UPS, FedEx, DHL, and 100+ carriers
  • Tracking, rating, address verification, and insurance features
  • FREE EasyPost testing with no upfront costs
  • Client libraries for .NET, Java, Ruby, Python, Node, PHP, and Go