Discounted DHL Express shipping rates with EasyPost

For over 50 years, DHL Express earned its reputation as international specialists focused on helping customers navigate the complexities of shipping across borders. With EasyPost, get up to 60% off shipping rates instantly, with this tried and true carrier. Start growing your international customer base today.

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Updated 2023

International shipping made easy

Ship across the globe with confidence through DHL Express and EasyPost. There are no contracts or fees to qualify for these shipping rates.

  • Up to 60% off DHL Express
  • Premium tracking and delivery options with DHL On Demand Delivery
  • Free pickups and drop off options

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DHL Express shipping advantages

Expand your reach worldwide

Ship to over 220 countries and territories in 2-3 business days for most countries.

Premium service made affordable

Up to 60% off DHL Express retail rates with free complimentary pickups.

Simplify your customs forms

Automate customs forms with EasyPost so your packages don't get held up.

Getting started

Sign up with EasyPost

Sign up free for an EasyPost account and access your dashboard.

Ship and save with DHL Express

Instantly start shipping and saving with your new discounted rates.

Locate your package at any time

Track your packages end-to-end with built-in Delivery Management Tools for your customers.

Take your business global

Open new markets with ease and confidence. By shipping with DHL Express, both you and your customers can enjoy peace of mind knowing that the world's largest and most experienced international shipping provider is in your corner. This ensures your commitments are met, which can increase loyalty and revenue.

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Exceed customer expectations

Get products to customers within 2–3 business days for most international destinations. Plus, with end-to-end tracking and delivery management tools like the DHL Express Mobile app and DHL On Demand Delivery solution, the customer can decide how, when, and where DHL Express delivers their shipments. This enables businesses of any size to offer the kind of fast, efficient service that consumers have come to expect.

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Easily navigate customs requirements and regulations

With EasyPost's guidance and expertise, DHL Express customers can go global with ease and speed, maximizing the enormous potential of international ecommerce using DHL Express's resources and local connections. Avoid the hassle of navigating customs with DHL Express and EasyPost.

Ship with the International Specialists at a discounted rate

Helping customers navigate the complexities of shipping across borders, DHL Express has developed the expertise, relationships, and vast global reach that makes them an industry leader, as well as one of the most recognizable and trusted brands on the planet.

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